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In a world where ChatGPT exists, and the rise of AI chatbots and thus machines seems inevitable, you might be wondering how you can adapt to lớn an age where you may need to lớn be fully digitalized. This dystopian Matrix-like future has yet to lớn come to lớn pass, but you can prepare for it thanks to lớn Facebook Avatars. 

While you can't yet upload your consciousness into the house that Zuckerberg built, you can use the Avatars option on Facebook to lớn create a cartoon-like version of your visage. Or you can fully reimagine yourself as a scion of beauty or a creature with a face only a mother could love. The (virtual) world is your metaphorical oyster. 

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Making a Facebook Avatar is pretty easy and once done, you can use it in all manner of Facebook functions, such as reacting to lớn posts or expressing your feelings via custom stickers on the social network, So to lớn that kết thúc, read on to lớn learn how to lớn make a Facebook Avatar. 

How to lớn make a Facebook Avatar  

1.  Login or phối up a Facebook tài khoản  

The first thing you’ll need to lớn tự to lớn get on your way towards having a Facebook Avatar is to lớn log into your Facebook tài khoản via the Android or iOS ứng dụng. If you don’t have the ứng dụng, it’s easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. 

Google Play Facebook apps

If you need the Facebook ứng dụng, or other Facebook apps, you can get them in the Google Play store or Apple's App Store (Image credit: Future)

2. Open the Facebook ứng dụng menu 

You’ll need to lớn either tap on the three lines that represent the thực đơn options in the Facebook ứng dụng or swipe right a few times to lớn access the thực đơn option. 

Facebook ứng dụng menu

Swipe to lớn or tap on the 'hamburger' thực đơn to lớn access Facebook's myriad of features  (Image credit: Future)

3. Select 'Avatars'

Once you're in the ứng dụng thực đơn, you’ll be shown a suite of options. Tap the ‘see more’ button, and you’ll see an ‘Avatars’ option. Tap on that.  

Facebook Avatars menu

You'll find the new Avatars option in the Facebook ứng dụng thực đơn (Image credit: Future)

4.  Start creating your Facebook Avatar  

Once you’re in the Avatars section, the rest of the process to lớn create your Facebook Avatar is a simple case of following the on-screen instructions. 

These will prompt you to lớn start with your avatar’s skin tone, then will move onto hairstyle selection.

Facebook Avatars

You'll start with selecting your skin tone and hairstyle (Image credit: Future)

After that, you'll then be able to lớn choose your eye color, eyebrows shape, face shape, facial hair and other attributes that define one's face. You can also select whether you want your avatar to lớn wear glasses or lipstick. 

Facebook Avatars eye color

You can select from a whole range of eye colors and eye shapes  (Image credit: Future)

And once you're done with creating your avatars head and face, you then have the option to lớn choose your body toàn thân shape and clothing style. And finally, you'll be able to lớn select some size of headwear if you're feeling hat inclined. 

You can choose headwear and clothing syle for your Avatar  (Image credit: Future)

Once you’re done, hit next and your avatar will be ready for use. It’s really that simple; there’s no need to lớn upload photos or give Facebook any access to lớn your data.

And you should then kết thúc up with an Avatar that's a rough approximation of yourself if that's what you're after; you can create any Avatar you lượt thích after all. 

Facebook Avatar

It's very easy to lớn create a Facebok Avatar that looks (a bit!) lượt thích you  (Image credit: Future)

How to lớn use your Facebook Avatar  

Okay, you've created a Facebook Avatar and it's grinning at you proudly, whether you've made an approximation of your corporeal self or some grotesque abomination. Or perhaps you've simply made the person you want to lớn be in the waking world. Regardless, now is the time to lớn use it. If you've got bored of using words to lớn communicate, you'll be pleased to lớn know that making use of your Facebook Avatar is petty easy. 

Initially, you can spread your Facebook Avatar far and wide by sharing it on Facebook where it'll appear in your friends' News Feed. 

However, that's not all as the social network will create a phối of digital stickers for you. These come in the size of pre-determined reaction stickers sets. You can use these to lớn used to lớn express your thoughts and sentiments towards a post or something in your Facebook feed or a chat with a Facebook compadre. From a simple thumbs up to lớn popping a champagne cork or lying coquettishly by an open fireplace with a rose between your Avatar’s teeth, these stickers offer a variety of ways to lớn express yourself in quiet digital size. 

Facebook Avatar stickers

Facebook Avatar stickers vary from simple to lớn a bit odd (Image credit: Future)

1. Use your Facebook Avatar in comments

When you want to lớn use your Avatar to lớn express your thoughts on a post, simply tap the comment button and then the emoji button where you’ll be presented with your own avatar stickers, as well as the option to lớn use standard emojis as well. 

Facebook Avatar comment

It's really easy to lớn comment on a post with a Facebook Avatar reaction sticker (Image credit: Future)

In the trang web version of Facebook, you’ll be able to lớn tự this a little more succinctly by clicking on the sticker button, where you’ll then be presented with your Avatar stickers as well as other more generic stickers.

2. Use Facebook Avatars in Messenger chats 

You can also tự the same for chat messages on the trang web version of Facebook. When you have a chat window open, click on the stickers button, which will present a suite of stickers to lớn use. Then click on the icon that shows your Facebook Avatar, which will serve up a thực đơn of custom Avatar stickers to lớn use. 

Facebook Chat stickers

You can use your Avatar stickers in Facebook chats on the trang web version of the social network   (Image credit: Future)

And the Avatar reaction stickers also work in the Messenger ứng dụng. Simply tap on the emoji button in the chat bar, then tap on the stickers thực đơn and swipe right to lớn access your Avatar stickers, and you'll have a whole load of them to lớn use to lớn your heart's nội dung. 

Facebook Avatars in Messenger

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Facebook Avatar stickers can be used in the Messenger iOS and Android ứng dụng (Image credit: Future)

That's about it. Facebook Avatars is still rolling out across the world, and there's a good chance the Avatars and the reaction stickers could be used in other Facebook-owned services. But we'll need to lớn wait and see what Facebook does next. 

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