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  • Q:

    Does anyone know if they sell banh bot loc?


    I don't believe they have a traditional bot loc, however, they vì thế serve shrimp spring rolls in a Bánh tráng (rice paper) wrap. Very similar to tướng the clear tapioca flour… more

    Brian B. 

    6 years ago 1 person found this helpful

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  • Honestly this may be one of my favorite traditional Bahn Mi. It was ví fresh and flavorful. You could taste each and every ingredient ví perfectly. The pork was nice and tender with some nice and juicy fatty pieces and the jalapeños were ví fresh and had a great spice to tướng them that I enjoyed. I usually find that fresh jalapeños aren't that spicy but this one had a good kick to tướng it that elevated the flavor journey of the sandwich. I will most def be coming back!

    2. Roasted Pork Banh Mi

  • Photo of Steve A.

    Fast plus affordable place for Asian street food. It's pretty authentic for it being such a quick place. Nhu Lan is just lượt thích getting food on a street in Vietnam. Maybe not exactly, but the foods tastes lượt thích it came from it. There's also bubble teas and shakes to tướng go along with a banh mi or whatever kind of sandwich.

    Came in to tướng get carryout. It's the only option. The place would be too small for dine in anyway, ví whatever. It's about $8 for a drink. The best looking one was the Black Bean Coconut Che Dau Den, and it tasted as good as it looked. It actually tasted kind of chocolatey. This was also made with coconut milk and tapioca. As for the banh mi, there were a few vegan choices. It's about $10 for a sandwich. The best sounding one was the Vegan Ginger Tofu. It had a little spice to tướng it. The tofu was more of a cheesesteak texture. Good flavor. This was actually pretty filling for this one thing.

    Good place to tướng get Asian fast. It's carryout only. There's lots of choices for vegans and vegetarians.

    Black Bean Coconut Che Dau Den And The Vegan Ginger Tofu

  • Photo of Emily H.

    The leaf wrapped pork roll (cha lua) is really good, liked both the spicy and the non-spicy version.

    The pork buns is buy 5 get 1 không tính tiền, it is huge!! I loved the bbq pork flavor (it is the one marked with red ink on the top). The regular pork flavor is also great, they also tops the stuffing with a quail egg on top.

    The fried pork patty they sell at the cash registry is also very good, not too salty, kids friendly.

    They also make fresh shrimp spring rolls and tofu rolls on the spot, very fresh and the peanut dipping sauce that comes with is amazing.

    The homemade pickled veggie is very tasty and refreshing, though a bit on the salty side.

    For dessert, it is also buy 5 get one không tính tiền. I really love the coconut and bean one, the coconut milk is very rich, and there are tapioca, jelly, and seaweed in it for texture. Though I'm not a big người yêu thích of putting seaweed in dessert, but seems pretty common in Vietnamese dessert.

  • Photo of Janice R.

    I grew up on this place in high school when I used to tướng work at a summer camp nearby. It was the spot to tướng buy lunch! It remains my favorite place to tướng get banh mi in the thành phố. I'm always a người yêu thích of the bread even if the crumbs fall everywhere lol!

    The special is usually my go-to but got roasted pork this time. Still delicious. Although the space is small and nothing fancy, they vì thế have about 4 stools with a countertop to tướng eat on. I think most people vì thế carry-out anyway, but I dined in with my mom as a treat to tướng us after grieving the loss of a family dog. The place made bủ reminiscent as it had been awhile since I'd eaten here, and my mom also loves these sandwiches. I'd say it made our lunch together extra special.

    The prices have grown since back then but not unexpected with today's time. Still authentic as ever. The cashier was sweet and patient with my mom who needed some time to tướng decide on her order. Ultimately Nhu Lan is well worth it :)

    Shrimp spring rolls, roasted pork banh mi (#2) and Vietnamese iced coffee

  • Photo of Courtney C.

    This is a dễ thương cửa hàng specializing in banh mis and a few other Vietnamese items! I came here specifically for the veggie banh mi options which I am grateful they have. It'll cost ya a bit over $10 after tax and I am afraid that's a bit steep for bủ given the portion. The bread is hot and fresh which was appreated. I didn't think there was enough filling though, at least in my sandwich. The pickled veggies had a very faint vinegar taste ví it wasn't as strong as I had hoped for. It didn't contrast much with the fresh cucumber. The vegan ginger 'tofu' was good but it seems to tướng be more of a seitan or something. I hate to tướng give a lower rating but the price + being hungry 2 hours later just didn't sell it for bủ. I will be trying other banh Mis in the area.

  • Photo of Wesley T.

    Solid banh mis. It's kind of expensive though but I'm not used to tướng Chicago prices ví maybe it's average for the area. They have a buy 5 get 1 không tính tiền special too ví there's that if you are buying in bulk. Service is pretty nice. The bread itself is a bit more crumbly than vãn I would prefer but the beef in the banh mi thit nuong which is the basically the BBQ beef flavor is ví flavorful! Peppers aren't even spicy which I kind of lượt thích because I mostly just get it for the texture.

  • Photo of Sherard C.

    If you are looking for quick, authentic Vietnamese food, this would most definitely satisfy your needs. The banh mi's I tried were well put together and the meat and vegetable ratio is fantastic. I am a người yêu thích of their spring roll bộ combo and liked the spring roll sauce it was a sweet/savory mix and there wasn't too much peanuts in it.

  • Photo of Phil S.

    Sorry I didn't complete the review & accidentally posted it on 11/06/21 - I've kind of had bủ a hankerin for a Bahn mi sandwich. Today coming back from Evanston I looked up Nhu Lan Saigon Subs rated 4 50% stars on Yelp @ 2612 W Lawerence Ave. Nhu Lan is a tiny little Vietnamese store that serves a variety of bahn mi sandwiches along w/a variety of spring rolls. I ordered a pork roast bahn mi sandwich w/freshly cooked pieces of roasted pork, carrots, cucumbers, green peppers & cilantro. The pork was freshly cooked & warm (very good)

    FYI - they are a carry out place w/one small area on a counter where 1 or maybe 2 people could squeeze in. I liked enough that I intend to tướng go back & try some of the other Bahn mi sandwiches & spring rolls

  • Photo of Jenifer N.

    Amazing selection of vegan/vegetarian banh mi - lemongrass tofu has incredible flavor! A few fridges with grab-and-go items lượt thích summer rolls, steamed buns, desserts. My new go-to banh mi spot

  • Photo of Julia X.

    Came here earlier today for the first time and got a steamed pork bun ($4.25), the Nhu Lan special banh mi (#1 on the menu) (~$9), and a flan (~$5). I've never come across a Vietnamese place selling flan before, but when life gives bủ flan, I hand over the five dollars.

    The banh mi was 5/5 really great. Flavors were good, ratio of veg to tướng meat was good, the bread was really tasty, and the jalapeno added a nice kick. I would definitely order this again, and it was exactly what I was hoping for. Sadly I had to tướng share, but next time I would definitely get one just for bủ.

    The bun was unfortunately not as good. Although it was huge and looked promising, the filling was really dry. There was a small quail egg inside that was extremely rubbery and overcooked. The doughy exterior was also too sweet. The flavors were fine, but nothing spectacular.

    The flan was perfectly normal flan, of a perfectly normal size. Not really much to tướng remark on. Maybe would get again, though seems a little silly to tướng buy flan when there are tempting bao phủ concoctions available, too.

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