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Connect & chat with more than vãn 58 million gay men from around the world - or right next door with Blued, the live gay social network. Go online anytime to lớn chat with hot guy in Gay clubhouse. Watch live nội dung, 1V1 đoạn phim Gọi with new friends, meet hot guys, expand your LGBTQ+ network.

Gay chat, gay dating, gay clubhouse, real conversation and a strong community - You'll find it all on Blued.

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Chat with không tính phí 1V1 Video Call
Connect and chat with guys you meet using photos, audio & đoạn phim messages, GIFs, and location sharing! Make không tính phí 1 on 1 đoạn phim calls to lớn any guy, anywhere. Find your perfect match and stay in touch. Dating has never been easier!

Stay Connected to lớn Your Community
Follow your favorite influencers, friends and crushes to lớn stay up to lớn date on their latest posts. Connect other socials lượt thích Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to lớn have your whole gay social life in one ứng dụng.

More Guys, More Fun!
No matter your identity: gay, bi, trans, or your type: twink, bear, cub - Blued is the gay dating ứng dụng for everyone. If you're single and searching for a chat or date, you can start 1 on 1 đoạn phim Gọi with thousands of xinh đẹp guys ready to lớn talk. Looking for a gay boyfriend? Get ready for love, because the match you've been searching for is only one message away. Browse unlimited profiles in your neighborhood to lớn date locally or use our Travel Pass feature to lớn meet and talk to lớn men anywhere in the world.

Safe & Secure!
Create private photo albums, send videos & disappearing messages, đoạn phim chat one on one. Blued cares about your privacy and is committed to lớn creating a safe, healthy, welcoming space where gay, bisexual, trans and people of all genders, races and orientations can be celebrated for being themselves.

Blued Premium
Love live social and want to lớn have even more gay dating options? Enhance your opportunities to lớn talk to lớn xinh đẹp gay guys looking for dates by upgrading to lớn Blued Premium to lớn access to lớn awesome features.

- Advanced filters to lớn control who you see, and who can see you
- Hide distance, online status, read receipts & visit without a trace
- Browse guys anywhere in the world
- Remove ads
- Exclusive badges & icons

Choose a subscription length that suits you: 1 month, 3 months or 12 months.

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Service: Blued Premium Automatic Renewal

Price: $9.99 (billed monthly); $19.99 (billed every 3-months); $59.99 (billed annually)

The subscription will be charged through your Google trương mục. Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it within 24 hours prior to lớn the over of the current subscription period in your Google Play Store settings. To join membership means agreeing to lớn the following terms and agreements.

To cancel your subscription, please go to lớn "Google Play Store"-> "My Subscriptions" , and choose Blued Premium to lớn unsubscribe. If you tự not cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the over of the subscription period, it will be automatically renewed.

Blued Premium Terms of Service: https://international.blued.com/oversea/vip/item
Blued Premium Automatic Renewal Agreement: https://international.blued.com/oversea/vip/seriesItem
Privacy Policy: https://international.blued.com/oversea/vip/privacy

For troubleshooting and issues, please tương tác [email protected].

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Instagram: @bluedapp

Facebook: @bluedapp

Twitter: @blued