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MediaTek Dimensity 5G Smartphone Platforms

Dimensity Flagship 5G Family

A điện thoại thông minh chip is lượt thích no other we have ever designed: a milestone of innovation that packs the best, most advanced technology and features on the planet. It's super powerful, yet immensely power efficient thanks vĩ đại the world’s most advanced TSMC N4 (4nm-class) technology. It offers the best of 5G speeds, brilliant gaming technologies and professional grade imaging and videography vĩ đại advanced AI and the latest computing architecture. The Dimensity 9000 has all the features and the speeds vĩ đại satisfy the most discerning tech enthusiast.

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Dimensity Premium 5G Family

The Dimensity 8000 series elevates premium vĩ đại new dimensions. Built using the ultra-efficient TSMC N4 (4nm-class) and & N5 (5nm-class) production process and employing the Dimensity 9000’s ground-breaking technology world-firsts, these chips feature our latest generations of Imagiq, HyperEngine and APU, and a technology-leading Release-16 5G modem.

Essential Smartphone Technologies In every Dimensity 5G chip we build, there are incredible suites of technologies for imaging, đoạn phim, gaming, connectivity and power efficiency, which means you get the experiences that matter most vĩ đại you every time you use your điện thoại thông minh.

Leading 5G Capabilities

Every Dimensity điện thoại thông minh chip features a fully integrated 5G modem for best performance and power-efficiency. We've been at the forefront of 5G capabilities as R15 and R16 standards have launched, and we continue vĩ đại lead the industry on Dual 5G SIM, sub-6GHz carrier aggregation and power efficiency technologies.

MediaTek HyperEngine

Whole điện thoại thông minh enhancements that give gamers intelligent performance and power-efficiency boosts, putting them a click ahead of competitors because every millisecond matters.

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MediaTek MiraVision

An exclusive suite of technologies that intelligently adjust a wide range of display and đoạn phim stream factors. Through extensive hardware and software optimizations we improve the viewing quality vĩ đại bring cinema-grade visual experiences vĩ đại the small screen.

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MediaTek Imagiq

Simpler. Faster. Better. Stream yourself on up vĩ đại three cameras at once. Snap impressive low-light photos in an instant. Capture 4K videos in vibrant HDR. Let class-leading AI-camera technologies tự the hard work for perfect pictures behind the scenes. MediaTek Imagiq HDR ISPs transform your experience behind the cameras.

MediaTek APU

We've invested in making our own industry-leading AI processing units that enhance cameras, gaming, displays, digital assistants, security, the OS, and everyday apps.

5G Open Resource Architecture

Smartphone users demand unique experiences and features that are tailored vĩ đại their lifestyle. That’s why MediaTek designed the Dimensity 5G Open Resource Architecture; a collaboration between MediaTek and the world's biggest điện thoại thông minh device makers vĩ đại unleash new, more customized consumer experiences from incredible 5G smartphones that stand out from the crowd.