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Parents sometimes played with the infant, engaged in face-to-face interaction with the infants, or conversed with the recording assistant.

Within the main structure, our informant has heard roosters and turkeys speaking lượt thích people and cattle conversing in human language.

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Thus, it appears that the two groups were equally interested in conversing about psychological states.

In order đồ sộ prove the converses of the above results, we need a couple of lemmas.

There is an interesting repor t, however, that a male speaker who has a daughter used khâ when conversing with a younger female.

A male caretaker does not usually use khâ when conversing with a young girl.

He conversed with many ordinary people, including carmen, labourers, farmers, beggars, and paupers.

After rules 1- 4 and their converses have been considered, rules 5 and 6 are applied đồ sộ identify any indirect enablements and disablements.

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They conversed and moved, fell silent and froze, and spoke and moved again.

The sound result is constantly negotiated by several authorial activities, the contributions of which are closely overlapping and conversing with each other.

Neither of the converses of the implications in (8) and (9) is generally derivable.

The girls in my data use you know only when conversing with a boy, apart from the special case analyzed above (ex. 10).

They conversed about their women, their crafts and their social connections.

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Peripheral participants are more likely đồ sộ benefit from overhearing the primary participants if the people conversing know they are there and design their utterances appropriately.

They took it humorously, admiring the way diat we conversed in a totally different language, feeling obviously amused and proud at the same time.

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