Garena Vietnam has been locking away a lot of skins from store and hextech crafting and made them sự kiện exclusive, and Badland Barons Rumble is the latest one

As the title said, Badland Barons Rumble was the latest target from Garena Vietnam that is locked away from store (at the time of writing), and as such could ONLY be obtained via their Garena Shells top-up sự kiện, which started from April 13 vĩ đại April 19. After the sự kiện is over, the skin was closed for good and unavailable by all means (yep, not available in hextech crafting either), making it a limited skin lượt thích PAX ones.

Link vĩ đại the sự kiện (use Google Translate if necessary):

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This is not the only skin that Garena Vietnam locked from selling, these are the following that all other servers sell normally but are locked and not available in Vietnam in both store and hextech crafting:

  • Arctic Warfare Caitlyn.

  • All World Breaker skins (Nasus, Nautilus, Hecarim, Trundle).

  • Festival Queen Anivia.

  • Blood Moon Diana.

  • Chemtech Tryndamere.

  • Battle boss khủng Brand, Ziggs and Malzahar.

  • Birdio, Pizza Delivery Sivir & all 2017 April Fools skins' chromas.

  • Badland Barons Rumble.

  • Pool Party Gangplank.

  • Mecha Aurelion Sol.

  • Mafia Braum.

  • Blood Moon Sivir.

Link vĩ đại events for following skins:

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  • Arctic Warfare Caitlyn: (Garena Shells Top-up exclusive, ended September trăng tròn, 2015)

  • World Breakers: (Garena Shells Top-up exclusive, ended November 27, 2016)

  • Festival Queen Anivia: (Garena Shells top-up rewards and limited bundle sale, both of which were ended on March 6, 2017)

  • Blood Moon Diana (Mortal Kombat-like Challenge Ladder. Ended February 28, 2017):

  • Chemtech Tryndamere: (Limited sale, ended June 22, 2017)

  • Battle boss khủng Brand, Ziggs and Malzahar: (Garena Shells Top-up exclusive, and you had vĩ đại top-up for around 5000RP - NA price converted - vĩ đại get all of them. Ended August 25, 2017)

  • Birdio, Pizza Delivery Sivir & all 2017 April Fools skins' chromas: (Monopoly-like exclusive, you have vĩ đại spend some RPs for each dice roll. Ended April 8, 2018)

  • Pool Party Gangplank: (Limited Daily Login reward that lasted 25 days. Reach day 8 vĩ đại claim. Ended September 7, 2018)

  • Mecha Aurelion Sol: (Limited sale which costed for a ridiculous price, 1900RP, NA price converted. Ended September 5, 2018)

  • Mafia Braum: (Limited sale which costed for a ridiculous price, 1900RP, NA converted. Ended September 13, 2018)

  • Blood Moon Sivir: (The Road of the Blood Moon. Spend 975RP vĩ đại unlock a new series of in-game missions that you have vĩ đại complete in order vĩ đại receive BM Sivir as the final prize. BM Diana also returned in this sự kiện. Ended January 27, 2019)

These are all the skins being treated as PAX-like ví far by Garena Vietnam. I'm sure more future skins will be their targets. And honestly I'm even more surprised that neither Riot nor Garena's HQ in Singapore has spoken or acknowledged about this matter.

EDIT: Arctic Warfare Caitlyn was added vĩ đại the list.

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EDIT 2: Chemtech Tryndamere, Pool Party Gangplank, Mecha ASol, Mafia Braum & Blood Moon Sivir were added vĩ đại the list.

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