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NEW 2024 Director Suite Release | 25% OFF! Ends November 5th

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Director Suite 365

The Complete Editing Studio

Complete the entire post-production process with a range of professional tools.
Experience seamless editing workflows as you transform your videos and photos across a robust and comprehensive suite.

DirectorSuite 365 includes:

Video Editing PowerDirector 365

Photo Editing PhotoDirector 365

Color Grading ColorDirector 365

Audio Editing AudioDirector 365

PCMag's #1 rated video clip editor. Easily create videos with studio-quality AI tools, templates, visual effects, and stock nội dung.

PowerDirector 365

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Photo Editing

Generate, edit, and retouch. Award-winning and beginner-friendly photo editing with generative AI and other cutting-edge AI features for professional results.

PhotoDirector 365

Color Grading

Turn any video clip footage into a professional-looking production. Correct, balance, enhance, and stylize your clips vĩ đại perfection.

ColorDirector 365

Audio Editing

Award-winning audio editing with advanced AI tools for multi-track recording, audio restoration, and mixing.

AudioDirector 365

Get Access vĩ đại High Quality Assets and More

Free Access vĩ đại the Finest High-Res Stock Media

Save time with millions of royalty-free images, videos, and background music tracks from iStock by Getty Images and Meta Sound Collection vĩ đại include in your nội dung.

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  • Thousands of Effects and Templates

    The most advanced video clip editing tools and AI-powered features vĩ đại empower your brand. No design expertise needed!

  • Monthly Updates and Additions

    New features released regularly and fresh monthly nội dung updates.

  • Fast & Compatible

    Lightning-fast editing, tư vấn for the latest formats, and seamless compatibility with Windows 11.