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The list of things that make flying uncomfortable is long. Cramped seating, anxiety-inducing turbulence, subpar food, the prospect of getting sick— but chief among them is the lack of mạng internet access.

Thankfully, many of the online streaming giants allow their users to tát tải về nội dung for offline viewing. That includes YouTube, which offers a download feature to tát its YouTube Premium subscribers. It might be worth starting a không tính tiền trial for any air travel you have on the horizon. Downloading YouTube videos after activating a premium subscription is easy. It can be done on the YouTube mobile phầm mềm or on the YouTube trang web on your computer on select browsers (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Opera).

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How to tát tải về YouTube videos on a computer

1. Sign into your YouTube Premium trương mục.

2. Go to tát the Clip you want to tát tải về.

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3. Click the “DOWNLOAD” below the Clip title.

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How to tát tải về Clip on YouTube

4. The icon will turn xanh lơ until the tải về is finished.

How to tát tải về a Clip on YouTube

You can view your downloaded videos by clicking “Downloads” in the left sidebar thực đơn. Open “Settings” and click on “downloads” to tát adjust the tải về quality of your videos. 

How to tát tải về a YouTube Clip on your phone (Android and iOS) 

  1. Sign into YouTube Premium trương mục on the YouTube phầm mềm.
  2. Pull up the Clip you want to tát save
  3. Tap "download" below the Clip title 
  4. The icon will turn xanh lơ as it downloads and says "downloaded." 

You can view your downloaded Clip in your library. To adjust the tải về quality of your videos, open “Settings,” tap “Background & downloads,” and select “Download quality.” 

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