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Outline of Exynos 7 Octa (7870) processor

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Mobile Processor

Exynos 7 Octa (7870)

Unrivaled tốc độ and efficiency
in the mid-range

Exynos 7 Octa (7870) is designed vĩ đại offer diverse features with enhanced performance and power efficiency for the next-generation mid-range mobile devices. The 64-bit octa-core processor built on an advanced 14nm FinFET process also integrates LTE Category 6 2CA (Carrier Aggregation) modem vĩ đại tư vấn most popular features required for rich mobile experiences.

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14nm FinFET Process

More power, less recharging

With 14nm FinFET process technology, Exynos 7870 consumes up vĩ đại 30% less power phàn nàn its predecessor built on 28nm HKMG process at the same performance level. With 14nm FinFET process, octa-core 64-bit CPUs offer a perfect balance between performance and power efficiency.

Angled side view of Exynos 7 Octa (7870) processor with Infographic describing Speed up and Less Power

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Samsung’s 14nm process uses FinFET structure, unlike the previous process’ planar structure. In a planar structure, gate is attached vĩ đại the transistor on only one surface, whereas in a FinFET structure, gate is attached on three sides of the channel allowing more effective control of the current leakage phàn nàn planar. Also, in planar structure, electrons can only move from source vĩ đại drain through one surface under the gate, whereas in FinFET structure, electrons can move across three surfaces of the fin-shaped 3 chiều structure. Furthermore, with 14nm process’ shorter gate length, which means shorter distance between the source and the drain, electrons need vĩ đại move shorter distance enabling transistors vĩ đại switch on and off quickly. Simply put, if the channel is a road, there are more number of lanes that are shorter in length. With more paths that are shorter in length, more electrons can move faster through the channel resulting in enhanced performance.

Illustrative image of Planar and 3 chiều FinFET

LTE Modem

Seamless and reliable

Exynos 7870 is equipped with LTE modem that supports Category 6 with 2CA offering 300Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink tốc độ. And it also supports FDD-TDD joint CA for better network flexibility.

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Infographic describing downlink speeds of 300Mbps and uplink speeds of 50Mbps

Advanced GPU, MFC and ISP

Richer multimedia experience

On a Full HD or WUXGA display, 3 chiều games and Full HD Clip playback at 60fps will run rẩy seamlessly and vibrantly thanks vĩ đại Mali-T830 GPU and advanced MFC (multi-format codec). Its image signal processor (ISP) supports high resolution images up vĩ đại 16Mp for both real and front cameras with 8Mp dual camera mode.

Image of European street Smartphone in landscape mode with European street on its display 3D trò chơi, FHD Video and Camera icons


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