gia dt lumia 520

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Top reviews from the United States

Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2014

For $30, what a great bargain! I have to lớn caveat, however, that I'm only using this as a portable wifi device/MP3 player, not as an actual phone. Thus, my review only covers the functionality of the device except for the phone function, and of course, is my subjective, non-expert opinion.

Cosmetically, it is a simple yet elegant design. The back cover (black) has a matte finish that has a nice texture and keeps the device from slipping out of your hands. The smooth back cover is only interrupted by the camera lens, and engraved Hãng Nokia logo, speaker hole, and subtle ATT logo. The front is also simple, with only the earpiece speaker and Hãng Nokia logo at top (flanked by some sensors, which you cannot really see) and the capacitive touch buttons on the bottom bezel. The glass is smooth, but as one reviewer noted, the surface of the screen has a sort of "stickiness" to lớn it. Hard to lớn describe, but it almost feels lượt thích extremely fine sandpaper (like 5000 grit or higher). Nothing that's uncomfortable or detracts from the functionality of the screen, and as I've been using it more and more, that "stickiness" seems to lớn be gone. One other thing with the screen, where the glass ends to lớn meet the plastic framing of the phone, it is elevated ever sánh slightly from the glass surface, interrupting what would otherwise be a completely smooth/flush face of the phone. Again, nothing big or uncomfortable, but a completely flush front face would add more class. Overall, this phone has a simple elegance to lớn it that makes it look/feel lượt thích a much more expensive phone, and is very comfortable to lớn hold.

Physical functionality, this phone works as well as many higher kết thúc phones. The screen is vibrant and very responsive to lớn touches/swipes, and despite the sub-HD resolution, everything looks pleasant. For má, texts are easy to lớn read, and images look sharp. I'm sure the smaller size of the screen (4" diagonal) helps in this regard. The "soft buttons" work well and are simple and intuitive. All the physical buttons are on the right side of the phone (if looking at the face of the phone); of note, the volume rocker is at the top, the power button below that, and the camera button (very handy!) is below that. I note this because in my experience, the power button is usually the top most button, with the volume rocker below that. Also, having a physical camera button is something not found on many smartphones, but I find is very handy to lớn have and makes snapping pictures easier. Also, pressing the camera button from the home page screen automatically opens the camera, sánh you don't have to lớn look/find your camera tiện ích to lớn activate the camera. The speaker is reasonably loud, and sounds typical of "any given điện thoại thông minh." The camera shoots decent shots on par with many smartphones, but lượt thích most điện thoại thông minh cameras, works best in well lit situations with a stationary subject. Low light shots are only OK to lớn bad at best, and expect moving subjects to lớn be blurry when the picture is taken. Also, there is no flash or front facing camera, sánh no selfies or Clip chats lượt thích Skype (though oddly, you can tải về a flashlight tiện ích and Skype is pre-loaded). 4 out of 5 for this category, with the main detractors being lack of front camera and flash for rear camera, but for the price ($30) this is an outstanding piece of kit.

In terms of performance, I am highly impressed particularly because of this price point. Despite only having 512MB RAM (I prefer a minimum of 1GB) and "only" a dual core processor, it is extremely fluid in operation. Comparatively speaking, I'd put it slightly above my old Galaxy S2, which was a flagship phone back in it's day. Compared to lớn other equivalent Android phones (like an LG Lucid VS840, which has similar specs) I'd give this phone the win (at least for operation). Out of the box, this came with Windows 8, which I promptly updated via Over the Air update to lớn Windows 8.1. I primarily use Android OS, followed by iOS, and comparatively speaking, my opinion is that Win 8.1 is every bit as good as either OS. The interface is intuitive, and I lượt thích the tile setup on the home page page. I particularly lượt thích how the "live tiles" provide updates and realtime information, lượt thích widgets tự in Android OS. Swipes and transitions are very smooth, better than thở many Android phones, particularly those that have carrier or manufacturer skins overlaid, lượt thích Samsung and transition smoothness is near if not on par with iOS -- actually, the smoothness reminds má much of iOS. Animations occur without lag or stutter. Wifi works great; connected without a problem and have surfed the trang web and downloaded a few apps already. Speaking of apps, the Microsoft store is still barren compared to lớn iTunes App Store or Google Play. However, the really popular apps all seem to lớn be available. Overall, this phone impresses (at least me) with how smoothly everything runs, particularly because of it's "lower end" hardware specs. Honestly, I'd say the user interface experience is as fluid as the most high powered Android phones, and on par with the industry "standard", iOS, and as intuitive as either.

Overall, this device, for the price, is easily on par with other phones costing much, much more. For those looking for an inexpensive device that works well, is intuitive to lớn use, and meets what most might consider basic functionality, this is a khuyễn mãi giảm giá that must seriously be considered. Only power hogs, gamers, fanboys, and the selfie addicted would turn their nose to lớn this device. Regular people, however, would find this to lớn be a great device at a bargain.

UPDATE: 10 days later...
I continue to lớn be amazed with this little device. I'm still only using it as a portable wifi device, but have had an opportunity to lớn use it extensively as a GPS unit as well using the HERE DRIVE+ tiện ích that comes loaded on the system. I have to lớn works great, particularly because you can use it offline (i.e. without a wifi or mobile data connection). You have to lớn take some time to lớn tải về maps up front, and one big gripe is that the maps are stored on the phone's internal memory--at least I haven't been able to lớn move it to lớn the SD thẻ. Thus, you can't tải về all the maps for all 50 states in the US as it exceeds the total remaining phone storage left. You have to lớn be selective in what maps you tải về, but that's fine as most won't be travelling through every state all the time. And, as a GPS, this thing works lượt thích a charm! Directions have been spot on and timely (no "Turn Now" as you're passing the turn), however, if using offline, you can't get real-time traffic updates. But otherwise, this works as well as my dedicated Garmin GPS unit.

Also, I have to lớn comment on the versatility of this device as an MP3 player/walkman. First, the MUSIC MIX tiện ích that came loaded on the phone. It's a miễn phí music streaming tiện ích let's you stream via wifi or data, but the real win is that you can also tải về playlists to lớn listen to lớn offline! It's awesome; certainly a good alternative to lớn streaming music if there's no available wifi and/or if you don't want to lớn burn up your data plan if you've activated the phone. Also, this device has a built in FM radio (needs headphones though, to lớn use as the antenna) which is nice and works great...not even my Nexus 6 has a built in FM tuner. The radio is another way to lớn get music or your favorite station without wifi or burning up your data plan. And because of it's small size, this device is easy to lớn bring along while working out or running.

I've also downloaded some games as well. Unfortunately, diversity of games in the Microsoft store is much less than thở iTunes or Google Play, and even then, some games won't play (or load) because the phone doesn't have enough RAM, storage space, or both, to lớn play. That said, games lượt thích Angry Birds Star Wars and Hill Climber play just as well as they tự on other devices. I did notice that when playing Angry Birds, the back of the phone got pretty warm. However, all of my Android phones get warm if not hot playing Angry Birds as well. Bottomline is that while this device can play games, don't expect too much out of it.

The additional time with this phone has made má lượt thích it even more. Seriously, I can't believe this only cost $30!!

UPDATE 1 YEAR LATER: Wow, 1 year later and I'm still impressed by this little device. Still only using it as my MP3/wifi device, but I've also used it as a GPS unit as well; the HERE tiện ích is sánh good, I use it now on my Android devices for off-line GPS capability! I've also been using it paired to lớn a phối of bluetooth headphones and it's a great bộ combo for working out. Still can't believe I got this for $30 when it does just as well as an iPod cảm ứng costing hundreds more!

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Reviewed in the United States on January 29, 2014

First off, I really lượt thích this phone. There is one semi-major flaw in its design - the power button is located on the side of the phone. This makes the phone turn off in my pocket from time to lớn time, which is annoying (and why I gave this phone four stars), but I'm ordering a belt-case, sánh in the kết thúc, it's not a big khuyễn mãi giảm giá for má. In addition, the price on this is great, sánh I'm not going to lớn complain too much.

********UPDATE: I discovered that it was not the power button being located on the side of the phone that was causing it to lớn turn off. Instead, the battery was a little loose, and if pressure was put on the phone in just the right way (apparently my pants pockets knew just what to lớn do), the battery would lose tương tác and the phone would turn off. EASY FIX - just cut a piece off of an index thẻ, folded it a few times and wedged it between the battery and the case to lớn ensure the battery had a tight fit. Problem solved, phone hasn't cut off since.********

Now, down to lớn what a lot of you need to lớn know: does/how does this phone work with a post-paid or contract plan?

The following information comes from dealing with AT&T customer service (which was incredibly helpful throughout this process).

First of all, you can use this phone with a contract or post-paid plan. At least they didn't stop má.

Second, AT&T **WILL** eventually add a data plan to lớn your contract. Their customer service rep told má that their system is designed to lớn recognize smart phones and will automatically add a data plan to lớn your line at some point. A data plan IS REQUIRED for any điện thoại thông minh on AT&T's network, sánh eventually, they will get to lớn you.

Third, you HAVE TO HAVE A DATA PLAN in order to lớn send and receive picture or Clip messages with this phone. If you are having trouble sending or receiving picture or Clip messages, go to lớn settings --> cellular --> turn data on.

But here is the good news. AT&T recently released a new plan, called the Mobile Share Plan, which gives you unlimited talk, text, and a phối amount of data to lớn share between up to lớn 10 devices. You can find this plan on their trang web, but I will say that it SAVED ME MONEY compared to lớn my old "family-share" plan and I went from having around 700 minutes a month to lớn UNLIMITED. So, needless to lớn say, it was a win-win for my family.

The real kicker of upgrading to lớn the Mobile Share Plan is that IT DOES **NOT** REQUIRE A NEW CONTRACT - which is important for má, as my family was all out of contract. If you upgrade a phone through AT&T, you will have to lớn enter a 2-year agreement in order to lớn get the discounted price on the phone, but if you are already out of contract, you can switch to lớn this new plan without entering a new agreement.

Finally, the amount of data is variable with the Mobile Share Plan, but it is SHARED, sánh you don't have to lớn buy multiple data plans. We went with the smallest amount (300 mb) to lớn save money and because we plan on using mostly Wi-fi with this phone.

Also, as an aside - this phone takes a micro-sim thẻ. If you have a contract plan, you will have to lớn pick one of these up from your local AT&T store. You can have them activate it at the store, but this requires the phone's IMEI number (located under the battery). I wasn't sure if there would be an issue since this is a "go phone," sánh I decided to lớn điện thoại tư vấn AT&T's customer service line to lớn activate my new sim thẻ instead.

I bought this phone because I wanted to lớn use the điện thoại thông minh features on wi-fi, not realizing that I would be required to lớn get a data plan. Thankfully, I ended up saving money in the kết thúc and getting unlimited talk in the process. Win.

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4.0 out of 5 stars B5ハーフの👝

Reviewed in nhật bản on April 14, 2015


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