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Top reviews from the United States

Reviewed in the United States on March 6, 2022

I was upgrading from the Pixel 3aXL which was a good phone. But the 4XL has a much better display and the screen looks a lot better. The face unlock is also very good. I've had great difficulty with face recognition with other phones, they don't read my face, or I have to lớn tự it 2-3 times before it will unlock. The Pixel 4XL will read your face each and every time. I lượt thích the option of picking up the phone and two taps wakes it up, one look and face ID opens right up. There are also a ton of other features on this phone that I'm still learning about, quick gestures, Call screen, active edge, Turn on Flip to lớn Shhh, and more. I lượt thích what I see so sánh far! A lot has been said of this phone and it's terrible battery life. But the true reality is the battery is almost exactly the same as the 3aXL, and with extensive use it only lasts one day. But I found a way to lớn make it better, I phối the refresh rate to lớn stay at 60 HZ, honestly for my use I can't tell the difference. PLUS, I phối the display settings to lớn adaptive brightness. Now the battery is VERY good, it easily gets bủ through the whole day with battery left over. Running at only 60 HZ and modifying the brightness, it saves tons of battery life. The photos are just lượt thích the Pixel 3, awesome photos. The video clip is adequate and the nite site gives very good photos in dark environments. The camera is one of the best features although it still doesn't beat newer Samsung phones, it does take crisp clear photos. For basic everyday photos, the software makes them the best at this resolution. The processing is more phàn nàn fast enough for everything I tự and the stereo speakers sound very good. I also lượt thích the fact that it gives you the option of three button navigation instead of phone swipe which I hear the future Pixels it's the ONLY way to lớn navigate. There are unique features to lớn Pixel that use your Google trương mục that you can't tự on other app android phones. Some of my apps (not financial ones) tự động save my password and log in so sánh I can sign in at the touch of a button. Other phones I fumble and bumble with long complicated passwords with everything. So what's bad about the Pixel 4, something I haven't heard mention much. In low light situations when using the camerea the display will sometimes have waves going through it. My old Pixel 3aXL would simply fade a little (or brighten and fade) in this situation but the 4XL will actually have wavy lines go from side to lớn side. It's not a defect, I confirmed this by testing another exact model. Using Messenger on video clip proved impossible because my image would have waves going up and down the screen lượt thích crazy. Only going into a better lighting condition would help this (not worth the trouble). Battery life is certainly not even close to lớn newer Samsung or iPhone or any phones with the bigger 5,000 mah battery. But so sánh far I haven't owned a Google Pixel that has great better life yet (2XL, 3aXL, and now 4XL). But with the settings I mentioned, I can live with just fine. Also, no fingerprint reader, and no ultra wide camera. But these don't upset bủ too much, my fingers tự not seem to lớn keep a proper unlock on any device I use. Back to lớn the good, this phone is very thin and light. I use a Spigen Ultra thin case and this phone is much easier to lớn hold, carry, and take photos phàn nàn my Samsung S21 Plus (which beats Pixel in several categories otherwise). But we're comparing mid range to lớn flagship. But sometimes I lượt thích a smaller lighter phone especially to lớn take photos at work and on the road. If you can pick this up for $300 or less, it's a great giảm giá khuyến mãi. I got mine new, for once I splurged and skipped buying the refurbished model.

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Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2023

It's not brand new, the seal has been resealed, and there's a Verizon SIM thẻ inside.

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4.0 out of 5 stars not brand new
Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2023

It's not brand new, the seal has been resealed, and there's a Verizon SIM thẻ inside.

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Reviewed in the United States on October 6, 2023

not sure if this works anymore, but this was a bad ass phone, i have a clue why the px 4's go so sánh much hate. yeah at the very beggining there was some growing pains, but i loathed the 7pro that i upgraded to lớn that i actually downgraded to lớn a one plus nord 30 something or other. anyway, if this phone still works on modern networks, i'd buy it again in a heartbeat

Reviewed in the United States on June 6, 2022

I should start by saying I love the device. However there are some issues that make bủ wish I hadn't bought it new.

1. Hotspot failure - when I purchased the device the hotspot worked for a couple of months and then it failed. Has a repeated authentication error. I've tried my same sim in a different phone and hotspot worked. I spent a total of 15 hours on the phone with tư vấn and/or troubleshooting the device. Google tư vấn finally sent bủ a replacement. Since I used the phone for work I couldn't go anytime without a phone so sánh they had to lớn send bủ the replacement before I sent mine in. When they send a replacement I guess they send a refurbished phone. The problem is after just a week the refurbished phone started experiencing the same problem as well as a couple others.

2. Bluetooth không dây delay - whenever connected to lớn Bluetooth không dây in my vehicle the audio is delayed about one second. I've experienced this on both phones the new one and the refurb replacement they sent

3. Power issues - the refurbished replacement that they sent bủ randomly Powers off when I receive a text if the battery is below 25%

4. Glitching - sometimes I will have to lớn restart the phone because it will lock up or my keyboard will not load when clicking into a text box. Also the phone has developed a sort of skipping lag in the animation in one or two of my apps

Summary: the device itself has many great qualities I believe I received a defective product for a new price and they sent a refurbished replacement and told bủ if they determined that I wasn't covered under warranty they would charge bủ $1,000 for the refurbished replacement. I depend on this phone for work and because of that I tự regret this purchase. The px 4 XL might be something one should only consider when buying used for a good price. Otherwise skip it and move on to lớn the five or six. I imagine the experience with repeated issues must be the reason they discontinued the XL after the four

I love px phones but this has been a big disappointment. I paid $460 for a new px 4 XL in December. It is only been 6 months and for that price I now have a refurbished phone that is not fully functional. Hopefully Google makes good on this but I'm kind of doubting it with how much I've struggled so sánh far.

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Reviewed in the United States on August 15, 2023

Reviewed in the United States on October 21, 2022

I bought this phone when this was the current model. Unfortunately for bủ the new one came out about two months later and the price of this phone dropped a lot. Not thrilled that I got charged the higher amount but that's my fault. Good sound quality. Pictures are great for the generation of phone. my phone was the go to lớn for pictures because of the quality it took. Battery life was good in the beginning but after 2 years of use I barely make it through a day. The the operating system and software is Google which for some is a positive others that's a negative. For bủ it seamlessly integrates with all of other Google products which makes it quite nice compared to lớn other Android phones. I'm sure Google is thrilled with all the data it's collected from its phones. Google plans on doing one more security update for this model of phone and then after that stops supporting it.

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Top reviews from other countries

4.0 out of 5 stars 1 year so sánh far

Reviewed in Canada on January 29, 2023

I think this phone is pretty good although this is an old model. Also this phones come entirely new in the box. The look is pretty good as it feels very premium with the glasses at the back. Camera is also very good except during low light. But battery is average to lớn be honest. Video quality is also very good. I think overall if you can purchase this new phone for $500 (included tax), then it should be not bad giảm giá khuyến mãi if you don't want to lớn pay $700 or or $800 for other newer model phone. But if it is more phàn nàn $500, then maybe you should explore other options too since this is already 4 years old model.

4.0 out of 5 stars Good and fast delivery

Reviewed in Canada on January 19, 2022

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good and fast delivery
Reviewed in Canada on January 19, 2022

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!

Reviewed in Canada on May 12, 2022

Amazing phone! Love it. Upgraded from my px 2xl. Nothing bad to lớn say, very good phone! Camera is spectacular!!! Battery life long. Many many features.

2.0 out of 5 stars Constant "Android Services library keeps stopping" errors

Reviewed in Canada on July 3, 2023

Looked lượt thích a perfect new 4XL. Absolutely no indication of previous usage
Installed under USBC connection to lớn old phone, updated all security etc patches but on about 10 apps, had the above message within a few seconds of running
Reinstalled apps same problem. Cleared cache, storage etc. Same problem
Cleared cache, cleared storage on all accessible Google libraries, same problem
Returned for refund

5.0 out of 5 stars Just perfect

Reviewed in Canada on October 27, 2020

Initially I have bad expectation about battery live (with all reviews) but I often go to lớn sleep with 40-50% battery (ok I'm not a game player)

For the rest all work really fine , I really lượt thích face unlock !

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