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Karen Corby

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Group Product Manager, Search

Last year we introduced the Google feed đồ sộ surface relevant nội dung đồ sộ you, even when you’re not searching. It’s grown dramatically over the past year: more than vãn 800 million people use the feed each month đồ sộ stay up đồ sộ date on their interests. Today—as a part of three fundamental shifts in how we think about Search—we’re launching a major update đồ sộ this experience, including a new name, a fresh look, and a brand-new phối of features.

A new name and look

Since launching the feed, we’ve made it our goal đồ sộ help you uncover fresh and interesting nội dung about things that matter đồ sộ you. Now, we’re giving the feed a name that reflects this mission: Discover. With this new name comes a fresh design that makes exploring your interests easier than vãn ever.

Articles in the feed scroll on a simulated phone

New topic headers explain why you’re seeing a particular thẻ in Discover, and whenever a topic catches your eye, you can dive deeper đồ sộ explore more on that topic.

Tapping on topic header brings you đồ sộ a new feed, one containing only articles related đồ sộ that topic

Next đồ sộ each topic name is a Discover icon, which you’ll also start đồ sộ see in Search for an ever-growing phối of topics. You can tap “Follow” đồ sộ start seeing more about that topic in your experience.

Evergreen content

In addition đồ sộ this new look, you’ll also see new types of nội dung in Discover. You’ll find more videos and fresh visual nội dung, as well as evergreen content—articles and videos that aren’t new đồ sộ the trang web, but are new đồ sộ you.

New types of nội dung can include information relevant đồ sộ an upcoming trip or a new hobby, such as playing guitar or interior design.

For example, when you’re planning your next trip, Discover might show an article with the best places đồ sộ eat or sights đồ sộ see. Suddenly, a travel article published three months ago is timely for you. This can also be useful as you’re taking up a new hobby or going deeper on a long-time interest. Using the Topic Layer in the Knowledge Graph, Discover can predict your level of expertise on a topic and help you further develop those interests. If you’re learning đồ sộ play guitar, for example, you might see beginner nội dung about learning chords. If you’re already a skilled musician, you may see a Clip on more advanced techniques.

Discover is unique because it's one step ahead: it helps you come across the things you haven't even started looking for.

More context and control

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Because Discover is all about you and your interests, there are now even more ways đồ sộ customize what you see.

The reactions button activates, containing two buttons: More and Less. When More is tapped, a snackbar appears đồ sộ inform you that more lượt thích that is coming your way

Just tap on the control icon đồ sộ indicate that you want more or less nội dung on that topic. You’ll continue đồ sộ see nội dung from a range of sources on any given topic, helping you explore new ideas surrounding your interests.

When it comes đồ sộ news, we believe it’s important that everyone has access đồ sộ the same information. Discover uses the same technology as Full Coverage in Google News đồ sộ bring you a variety of perspectives on the latest news.

Discover in multiple languages

With this redesign, Discover will now be even more useful đồ sộ people who speak multiple languages. You may lượt thích đồ sộ use recipes in Spanish and read sports in English, and you will see nội dung in your language of preference for each interest.

An article in English is next đồ sộ an article in Spanish in Discover

We’re starting with tư vấn for English and Spanish in the U.S. and will expand đồ sộ more languages and countries soon.

Coming đồ sộ on your phone

The Google homepage has always been a place đồ sộ ask questions and tìm kiếm for information you’re interested in. Now, it will be even easier đồ sộ keep up with your interests, because Discover is coming đồ sộ on all mobile browsers.

Think of it as your new mobile homepage where you can not only tìm kiếm, but also discover useful, relevant information and inspiration from across the trang web for the topics you care about most. This will be rolling out over the next few weeks. on a simulated phone displays Discover beneath it.

We hope you find this refreshed experience helpful as you discover your next hobby and further develop your interests with Search.

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