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Whether open or closed, there are endless ways of having fun and getting things done.

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George Hwang

Product Manager, Pixel

Google Pixel Fold is now available for pre-order and will begin shipping next month. Our new foldable phone combines the helpfulness of Pixel with a design that unfolds into a compact tablet, unlocking even more ways for you lớn use your device. And it’s all powered by our Google Tensor G2 chip, which also makes Pixel Fold fast and secure. Here’s a look at the newest addition lớn our Pixel portfolio.

A thin, durable design

Image of Pixel Fold folded back, unfolded, and folded front

When closed, Pixel Fold has a familiar điện thoại thông minh silhouette that fits in the palm of your hand and slides into your pocket. Flip it open lớn reveal a 7.6-inch screen with a thinner profile than vãn any other foldable phone in the market.1

To create this foldable design, we didn’t compromise on sườn and function. Many of the Pixel components — from camera, battery, speakers and haptics technology — were cleverly redesigned lớn fit within the thin design. Our custom-built hinge not only contributes lớn that thinness, but also doubles as the most durable hinge out there.2 And last but not least, Pixel Fold has an IPX8 rating for water resistance.

Multiple screens lớn keep you productive and entertained

Whether it’s open or closed, the Pixel Fold’s screens unlock endless ways of having fun and getting things done.

When closed, the exterior screen lets you tự all the usual tasks you’d expect from a Pixel phone — lượt thích responding lớn Messages, browsing Chrome or using our suite of Call Assist features, lượt thích Direct My Call, Call Screen, Hold for Me and Clear Calling.

Drag and drop gif

When fully open, the interior screen gives you all the benefits of a tablet. Many of your favorite apps are optimized lớn take full advantage of the larger screen. Immerse yourself by watching shows, reading a book, and playing games, or enjoy having space lớn get more things done. Use the Taskbar lớn easily switch between your apps or drag a compatible tiện ích into splitscreen mode lớn multitask with two apps side-by-side. When in splitscreen, you can easily drag and drop files across different apps, lượt thích Google Photos lớn Messages and Slides. Since the Taskbar is dynamic, it will disappear when you’re done using it ví it doesn’t take up screen space.

Image of tabletop mode

That’s not all: you can also go hands-free with tabletop mode ví you can sit back and relax while you watch nội dung or capture photos or videos without a tripod. Tabletop mode is especially helpful with YouTube. The top half plays your đoạn Clip and, with an upcoming tiện ích update, you’ll also get playback controls on the bottom half.

Pixel-perfect camera, all around

Pixel Fold has many of the camera experiences you’ve come lớn expect from a Pixel — from Super Res Zoom with 5x optical zoom, Real Tone, Night Sight and Portrait photography along with pro-level modes from Pixel 7 Pro, such as 10-bit HDR đoạn Clip. Plus, you can use Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur in Google Photos lớn help get your pictures looking just right.

With Rear Camera Selfie on Pixel Fold, you can get the highest quality selfie on a Pixel ever. Use the exterior screen as your viewfinder and the 48-megapixel main camera lớn get an amazing selfie.

Group selfie in tabletop mode

Ever feel left out as the photographer during a group photo? Just mix up Pixel Fold in tabletop mode across the room and join everyone in the shot. You can even use the new palm gesture lớn trigger the shutter. Finally, lớn take the stunning astrophotography shots that Pixel is known for even without a tripod handy, you can use tent mode lớn aim the camera at the night sky and use the front display for camera controls.

Coming soon with Android 14

At I/O we gave a sneak peek at an experience coming lớn Pixel Fold when Android 14 launches later this year.

Powered by Tensor G2, Dual Screen interpreter mode simultaneously uses the inner and outer screens lớn translate live conversations. With this feature, you'll be able lớn have more natural conversations across languages, without having lớn huddle around a single screen.

Order yours today

Pixel Fold will be available in two colors, Porcelain and Obsidian, and when you pre-order the foldable in the U.S. you’ll also get a Google Pixel Watch, on us. Find out what countries Pixel Fold will be available and sign up for product updates.

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