guardian là gì

Capital requirements for acquiring these skills are borne by guardians or parents.

They are abstraction's guardians, ideology's policemen, the horsemen of conservatism, and their deadly work leads to lớn the destruction of vital, burgeoning life.

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The marriage could also be agreed on in absentia, the spouses being replaced by their guardians or appointed legal representatives.

In fact, judicialization is an integral part of the mechanism used by the guardians to lớn maintain the overall division of sovereignty.

Even at the height of their passions, crowds were caref ul to lớn present themselves as the guardians of community values.

Other types of raters (stepparents, adoptive parents, or other guardians) provided ratings for less than vãn 1% of the sample.

In three further cases both parents had predeceased their children ; leaving them orphaned and requesting relatives, brothers (their uncles), to lớn act as trustees or guardians.

However, the guardians of the girls were untraceable (and had very likely sold the girls in the first place).

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Poplarism (for those receiving relief guardians would newly acquire knightly status).

As economists tend to lớn think of themselves as guardians of rationality, holding the twin notions can be seen as dealing with nonrational behaviour.

Strange guardians of the arcane, compositors got by, but have been swept aside by a new world.

One of the morality guardians got out of the xế hộp and asked what this man's relation was to lớn u.

In these countries, sovereignty is divided between elected executives and unelected ones who act as guardians of the regime.

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The women, then, cover those issues that are central to lớn women's roles as caretakers and guardians of the private sphere.

Instead, they became the guardians of social and institutional order.

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