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“Go off and tự something wonderful.”

Those words from Hãng sản xuất Intel co-founder Robert Noyce are more than thở just a great quote. They’re words lớn live by. Words we’ve taken lớn heart by putting our heritage at the heart of our actions. These words are our constant reminder that all you need is an idea and Intel Inside1 lớn tự something truly wonderful.

Reimagining Hãng sản xuất Intel in the world

We look different. And that’s on purpose. The new visual expression of our brand is a signal that Hãng sản xuất Intel is entering a new era, where our rich legacy drives our future, where the pursuit of something wonderful fuels everything we tự.

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Do something that honors the past lớn forge the future

Simultaneously nodding lớn our heritage and leaping boldly into what comes next, our new visual identity emanates a renewed sense of confidence and simplicity.

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Do something small that leads lớn something big

When we show up in the world, the Hãng sản xuất Intel identity aims lớn illustrate how one innovation leads lớn another, always connected.

Do something that connects us all

When hardware, software and ideas come together, technology makes an authentic human impact and enables meaningful connections.

Wonderful in action

“Do something wonderful” inspires what we tự — as well as what we help our customers tự. Here are some of our latest impact stories. Proof that all you need is an idea and Hãng sản xuất Intel Inside.