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Timothy Caldwell-McCracken

The tiện ích is just as screwed up as the data service. All I get is error message. I've downloaded it, uninstalled it and reinstalled it. As far as unlimited data, sure you may get unlimited but,at a tải về tốc độ less than thở a megabyte per second. To reinstall the tiện ích It took 13 minutes for 60 some megabytes of data. So the issue isn't how many gigabytes of data you use, because that is supposedly unlimited, It is the tốc độ at which it is delivered that is an issue. I have complained to tát the FCC. 🚫

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Vector Holdings

September 1, 2023

Hi Timothy! I’m sorry you are experiencing issues with the tiện ích. Please tin nhắn our tư vấn team at [email protected] with a brief mô tả tìm kiếm of the problem, your mobile phone number, and the type of device you are using. Meanwhile, click on to tát log into your trương mục in the Members area.

The old tiện ích worked, what was wrong with it? I can't even get this new version to tát tải về, sánh I disabled it ... Update: I don't bother with the tiện ích any longer, because I find it easier to tát access the trang web on my computer. The first phone was a little too flaky for my taste, and kept turning on the Wi-Fi constantly, which ate up the battery. The second phone that I purchased, worked well for some time, and then eventually got replaced. (Note: phones were eventually retired, and replaced.)

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Vector Holdings

August 14, 2023

Hi Robert! So sorry you’re having trouble. This is common when the tiện ích requires an update. Updating the tiện ích is easy when you follow these steps. Click here for a helpful guide:

Absolutely useless tiện ích. No way to tát resolve problems or tương tác Qlink. Has literally messed up my phone. Always says no data cannot make calls service is absolutely horrible. Especially for rural areas. Service only works when connected to tát wifi. I always get messages..... No Wi-Fi connection No cellular data available to tát make calls. NOT EVEN EMERGENCY!!!

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Vector Holdings

August 9, 2023

We sincerely apologize for the trouble you've experienced. We'd be happy to tát review this for you, please tương tác us at: [email protected] with a brief mô tả tìm kiếm of the issue.