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Nucleoid-associated Rok differentially affects chromosomal transformation on Bacillus subtilis recombination-deficient cells

Ester Serrano et al. Environ Microbiol. 2021 Jun.


Rok, a Bacillus subtilis nucleoid-associated protein (NAP), negatively regulates competence development and silences xenogeneic genes. We show that rok inactivation increases rpoB482 natural intraspecies chromosomal transformation (CT) and plasmid transformation vĩ đại a different extent. In ΔaddAB, ΔrecO, recF15, ΔrecU, ΔruvAB or rec+ cells intraspecies CT significantly increases, but the ΔrecD2 mutation reduces, and the ΔrecX, ΔradA or ΔdprA mutation further decreases CT in the Δrok context when compared vĩ đại rok+ cells. These observations tư vấn the idea that rok inactivation, by altering the topology of the recipient DNA, differentially affects the integration of homologous DNA in rec-deficient strains, and in minor extent the competent subpopulation size. The impairment of other NAP (Hbsu or LrpC) also increased intra- and interspecies CT (nonself-DNA, ~8% nucleotide sequence divergence) in rec+ cells, but differentially reduced both types of CTs in certain rec-deficient strains. We describe that rok inactivation significantly stimulates intra and interspecies CT but differentially reduces them in transformation-deficient cells, perhaps by altering the nucleoid architecture. We extend the observation vĩ đại other NAPs (Hbsu, LrpC).

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