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Top reviews from the United States

Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2023

This is the perfect writing device for people who don't want vĩ đại be distracted. I used vĩ đại have some of these LCD writers trăng tròn years ago, and I really enjoyed them. Now that I am writing more, I am not a big người hâm mộ of using laptops for writing as I find it's too easy vĩ đại get distracted by Instagram, Wikipedia, or Messaging. This is actually better than vãn Freewrite as there's no delay between keypress and word on the screen. The hookup vĩ đại PC is super easy. Just uses a printing cable, you don't need vĩ đại install software, and you just click where you want the text vĩ đại go on any programme, hit the send button on the device, and it'll type it directly onto the computer. It's exactly what I wanted, far cheaper and higher quality than vãn the Freewrite. Only downside is that the screen is not adjustable, I can't tilt the screen towards bầm, and it does make it a little inconvenient vĩ đại put in my máy tính bag, but honestly it's not that big a giảm giá khuyến mãi.

Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2023

I’m such a người hâm mộ of this little machine. The distraction-free writing interface is seriously incredible for someone lượt thích bầm who has limited writing time in a day and can’t afford vĩ đại squander it. I bought the Alphasmart because I am working on a novel and every time I got on my máy tính I would bởi anything and everything EXCEPT writing. This little device is perfect for bầm and has increased my actual writing time ví much I can’t even quantify it. Plus the writing experience is ví satisfying with the clickety-clackety keyboard. Of course, it doesn’t replace the need for a laptop; after my chapters are written on the Alphasmart, I send the text vĩ đại my Scrivener tệp tin for editing and rearranging. But the actual sitting-down-and-drafting part, which used vĩ đại be the hardest for bầm, is now becoming ví enjoyable with this little tool.
One thing vĩ đại note—the particular machine I was sent was super glitchy and kept shutting off randomly, switching screens, moving the cursor without bầm pushing any buttons, etc., ví I purchased a new one and will send the first one back. So far ví good with the new one—no glitching out or shutting off. Since these are old little devices it makes sense that some will have issues, but overall I LOVE the product and think an exchange is ví worth the effort because of how much it has improved my writing process.

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Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2016

Holy cow bởi I love this device. If you lượt thích vĩ đại get writing done but find that other apps, or the mạng internet itself, constantly pull you away from just putting words down, then this device absolutely can help. No mạng internet, no apps, no recharging, no hunt for outlets - and no wait for boot-up time either. Three AA batteries in a screw-secured back panel mean that Neo2 powers up with a press of the On/Off button - or the option of a two-key-press option if you think that in carrying out around with you (as you will do) might make you want vĩ đại keep it from turning on by accident.

The screen is not backlit, but you can adjust the contrast. The words and symbols are those dark, liquid crystal ones you might remember from old calculators or palm pilots. You can adjust the "font," too, although this only means telling it how many lines of text you want displayed (max. 6).

There's no saving what you type, or even auto-save. What you write is just there, in one of eight files (accessed by a function key), until you either delete, backspace, or hit the "Clear File" key (the latter of which does give you an "Are you sure?" prompt for protection).

Open one of your eight files, plug the Neo2 into a USB outlet on another computer, and open an gmail, a text editor, a Word or Open Office or any other wordprocessing program, and hit the "Send" key. You don't need vĩ đại worry about device compatibility, about having the right driver, about whether you're using the right version of Windows (or any other operating system, I'm sure): Your computer treats the Neo2 as if it's another keyboard, and you can literally watch what you typed out in the on the Neo2 get re-typed into your computer. The only downside here? The "Send" feature does enter all your keystrokes faster than vãn you could type then yourself, but not by much; each tệp tin on the Neo2 holds 20-25 pages of text, and they get entered into computer at, by my guess, about 20-30 seconds per page. How I bởi it: type the first draft on the Neo2, give it a rudimentary gloss, then start sending it vĩ đại my máy tính while I go get coffee or take a break with the dogs. When it's all done typing itself, the tệp tin will be on your computer for easier and more thorough editing work. (Note: the tệp tin will also still be on the Neo2 until you clear it; sending it vĩ đại another computer does not automatically erase it from the Neo2.)

Now, yes, this device is no longer supported by Alphasmart or by the company that they became, recently. But what's vĩ đại support? It's basically a typewriter without the ribbon or paper or the need vĩ đại retype things. And while editing on it is not as easy or as pleasant as doing it on a computer with a touchscreen or mouse, you actually can delete, backspace, cut, copy, and paste on it, unlike other free-writing devices marketed vĩ đại writers now. Plus, because this is a classroom device, made for heavy use by kids, the thing is rugged as all get out, meaning that you can (and will) take it and use everywhere - unlike a máy tính.

Oh, and it has a full-size keyboard, with keys that are just a little clicky but not a headache. It's really a joy vĩ đại use. I just love this thing, and went and bought a second unit vĩ đại give my writing buddy for his birthday next month.

When these really start vĩ đại catch on, expect the prices vĩ đại soar. I got both mine from sellers, through Amazon, in the thirty-dollar range, lượt thích new. (I could have paid less, but didn't want vĩ đại get ones that had been very used - although I see now that they really can take whatever I expect vĩ đại dish out. I just need vĩ đại make sure not vĩ đại scratch the screen, and I expect vĩ đại be using mine for years.)


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Top reviews from other countries

5.0 out of 5 stars best for distraction-free writing

Reviewed in Canada on March 11, 2019

This sweet little machine doesn't links vĩ đại the mạng internet, but it has 10 places vĩ đại save documents (which it does automatically), it runs for days on three AA batteries, and when you are ready, you links it up vĩ đại your computer and it sends your precious draft down the wires lượt thích a train vĩ đại fill up whatever document style you have open. The typing keys feel lượt thích the old keyboards and your fingers will be grateful. (It doesn't make the loud clicking noise, though.) It is perfect for first drafts as you can only see a few lines on the screen (which is e-ink) and tedious vĩ đại go back and edit on (though it can be done). There are lots of these about and wayyyyyy cheaper than vãn the ridiculous one from A****haus. Smaller, too, and built for school use ví hardy. You can almost throw them into the wastebasket lượt thích a screwed up paper first draft, but you won't want vĩ đại. I make ví many tying mistakes I am constantly distracted by the little wavery red lines - this lets bầm off the hook until the editing time, ví my ideas flow unimpeded. Love it. Grab one now while you still can!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Works lượt thích a dream.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 9, 2021

Using it for writing early draft of story. No bells or whistles. Perfect machineamundo!

5.0 out of 5 stars FAR better than vãn the alpha smart NEO

Reviewed in Canada on October 21, 2018

i have an alphasmart 200, which is great.. but the keys are very "fischerprice" clunky.. ví i bought a NEO thinking the low profile keys and back lit screen would be a great improvement.. and they were.. BUT.. the battery in that version dies incredibly fast.. and deletes all your saved files.. ví.. that super sucked.. This model however,. is my favorite.. the keys type much smoother. no back lighting, BUT.. ví far, the battery life isn't depleted whilst sitting stationary lượt thích it was with the neo. i am very pleased with this purchase. If you are looking for a reliable, easy vĩ đại type on occasional writing device, buy this one.. bởi NOT buy a NEO.

5.0 out of 5 stars Daily word count: up, way up!

Reviewed in Canada on January 26, 2017

It's everything I thought it would be. It works with the ease of paper and pen -- you just pick it up and write. No passwords needed; no time needed vĩ đại power up or down; no power cables looking for outlets; auto-saves; light weight. In addition vĩ đại having no mạng internet connection, which of course eliminates one huge, time-sucking distraction, there is also no big, glowing white screen vĩ đại cause eye strain and mental exhaustion. I used vĩ đại use a notepad and pen vĩ đại get away from the computer for first drafts, but naturally my longhand takes longer than vãn typing. Solution found.

I think the writing world needs vĩ đại be reintroduced vĩ đại this baby and hopefully get production going on new units. Writing productivity only has one way vĩ đại go with the Neo2...

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3.0 out of 5 stars Wiped Memory

Reviewed in Canada on August 31, 2019

I loved this product. I increased my writing vĩ đại 3000 words per day using it. But that all changed today. I did some writing on my balcony and left it on my couch outside. It was a little warm, but not very, when I got back vĩ đại it. When I started it back up all my files only had 3500 words left on them. Lost about 2400 words of creative work that had not been backed up yet. Devastated.

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