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My Lover Is a Mystery Episode 1

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Chinese MainlandMysteryRomanceSweet LoveMandarin

: The show anchor disappeared mysteriously before the start of a broadcast, sánh the domineering female CEO Xin Ruila had lớn go on air personally with the mysterious chief bartender of the Mi Qing Bar... An unexpected live broadcast made the two meet again lượt thích fate, and the secrets of fifteen years ago gradually surfaced. Shiwei secretly helped Xin Ruila, who was framed by the villain's jealousy. But Xin Ruila discovered that he was the childhood sweetheart of Wen Qi who she hadn't been able lớn forget for fifteen years. However, why did Wen Qi change his name? Why did the once genius of Go give up Go now? Xin Ruila would lượt thích lớn uncover this mystery...