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About Phục Kích

Phục Kích is an action game developed by VTC GAme. The APK has been available since January 2017. In the last 30 days, the tiện ích was downloaded about 30 thousand times.
It's currently not in the top ranks.
It's rated 4.22 out of 5 stars, based on 100 thousand ratings. The last update of the tiện ích was on July 7, 2023. Phục Kích has a nội dung rating "Medium Maturity".
Phục Kích has an APK tải về size of 813.93 MB and the latest version available is 2.4.6. Designed for Android version 4.1+. Phục Kích is FREE to tướng tải về.

More data about Phục Kích

Price Free to tướng tải về (with in-app payments)
Total downloads 5.2 million
Recent downloads 30 thousand
Rating 4.22 based on 100 thousand ratings
Ranking Not ranked
Version 2.4.6
APK size 813.9 MB
Number of libraries 25
Designed for Android 4.1+
Maturity Medium Maturity

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Google Play Rating history and histogram

Downloads over time

Phục Kích has been downloaded 5.2 million times. Over the past 30 days, it averaged 1 thousand downloads per day.


  • Jul 7, 2023UpdateVersion 2.4.6
  • May 10, 2023Installs5,000,000+ installs
  • Dec 26, 2022UpdateVersion 2.4.3
  • Oct 13, 2022UpdateVersion 2.4.1
  • Sep 5, 2022UpdateVersion 2.3.7
  • Jul 12, 2021UpdateVersion 2.3.3
  • May 4, 2020UpdateVersion 2.2.50
  • Oct 3, 2019UpdateVersion 2.2.39
  • Jun 24, 2019UpdateVersion 2.2.38
  • Mar 26, 2019UpdateVersion 2.2.37
  • Jan 17, 2019UpdateVersion 2.2.36
  • Dec 18, 2018UpdateVersion 2.2.35
  • Nov 29, 2018UpdateVersion 2.2.34
  • Sep 26, 2018UpdateVersion 2.2.32
  • Jul 16, 2018UpdateVersion 2.2.30
  • May 4, 2018UpdateVersion 2.2.28
  • Feb 12, 2018UpdateVersion 2.2.25
  • Feb 8, 2018UpdateVersion 2.2.24
  • Jan 11, 2018UpdateVersion 2.2.23
  • Jan 9, 2018UpdateVersion 2.2.22
  • Nov 29, 2017UpdateVersion 2.2.19
  • Nov 15, 2017UpdateVersion 2.2.18
  • Oct 23, 2017UpdateVersion 2.2.17
  • Sep 18, 2017UpdateVersion 2.2.16
  • Aug 28, 2017UpdateVersion 2.2.15
  • Jul 17, 2017UpdateVersion 2.2.13
  • May 29, 2017UpdateVersion 2.1.12
  • Apr 23, 2017UpdateVersion 2.1.11
  • Mar 17, 2017Installs1,000,000+ installs
  • Mar 9, 2017UpdateVersion 2.1.10
  • Feb 28, 2017UpdateVersion 2.1.9
  • Feb 2, 2017Installs500,000+ installs
  • Jan 24, 2017UpdateVersion 2.1.8
  • Jan 16, 2017Installs100,000+ installs
  • Jan 9, 2017New AppVersion 2.1.6 in ACTION for Free

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Developer information for VTC GAme


[email protected]


VTC Building, No 23, Lac Trung street, Vinh Tuy ward, Hai Ba Trung district, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Phone: +8419001530

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Comments on Phục Kích for Android

★★★★★ More updates and don't give up I love this game it's lượt thích crossfire. U can add more cool maps and cool guns that will be pretty cool 👍(thanks for this game)

★★★★★ It is a good game for u but it doesn't have an English language

★★★★★ Hi 👋👋 baby shower invitation from ok I will be a goodbye to tướng Jennie, and I am kpop to tướng open the game

★★☆☆☆ The amount of money needed just to tướng get a normal weapon is unreal

★★☆☆☆ Game nhu sit. Doi update tren trang web bang apk. Nay chac game vệ sinh roi vọt.

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Technologies used by Phục Kích

Phục Kích is requesting 49 permissions and is using 28 libraries.
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