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When I have to tướng enter my credentials, my Mac, which runs macOS 10.13 High Sierra, asks for a PIN instead of my password.

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This has happened several times within the last months. The only solution I have is to tướng force a shutdown (by pressing the power button) and restart. With this procedure, my MacBook asks for my password again.

It's all confusing. I have never setup a PIN. Note: It is not the screen I would get if I lock my MacBook through Find my Mac.

Unfortunately, the only tìm kiếm results with PIN and Macbook is related to tướng Find my Mac... I hope someone can help bủ by referring to tướng the screenshot above.

What is this PIN and why is macOS asking for it? How can I prevent macOS from asking for a PIN?

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asked Sep 11, 2018 at 10:45

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You have your Yubi key in the USB port at some point, put the Yubi key in and enter your Yubi Sạc Pin this will unlock your screen

answered Jan 18, 2019 at 10:40

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This seems to tướng be a bug in either MacOS or the Yubico software. Even after removing the Yubikey profile, the system will occasionally lock the user out, requiring the Yubikey and the PIN.

The solution is to tướng remove the specific related hashes from MacOS (from

  1. Open Terminal.

  2. Run: sc_auth list [username]

    • ex: sc_auth list john
  3. Highlight and copy (Command+C) the hash listed for your user. If multiple YubiKey smart cards are paired with your trương mục and you aren't sure which hash is which, you can kiểm tra the hash of a particular YubiKey by running sc_auth identities with the key in question plugged in.

  4. Run: sc_auth unpair -h [hash]

    • ex: sc_auth unpair -h 5A596665D4BF7AE30A0830BFE129768738102C5001C65B57

answered Mar 19, 2022 at 16:12

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I run rẩy into this, too, with Big Sur (and earlier versions of MacOS). I've found that I can work around it by

  • clicking the "Switch User" thing at the bottom of the screen
  • clicking my face when it appears At this point I'm presented with a proper "Password" entry, that works fine.


Some other prompts don't let bủ work around it that way:

  • Prompts from clicking the lock in System Preferences) let bủ use cảm ứng ID, which works fine; but
  • Prompts which pop up when I try to tướng install software that needs Admin access have no such workaround. I assume that, to tướng install that sort of software, I'll need to tướng fully log out and log back in (I haven't yet tried that).

answered May 11, 2021 at 19:26

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Rather than thở shutting down my Mac, I was able to tướng switch to tướng the Fast User Switching screen, and then went back to tướng my own trương mục without switching to tướng a new user. This time it accepted my password (while previously it would not, even though the text said that my password would work in contradiction to tướng the placeholder text in the password field which said "PIN").

I tried taking screenshots to tướng show the process, but alas none of them are available now that I'm logged in.

Whether Yubikey is to tướng partly to tướng blame—as speculated in another answer—I don't know. But Apple is absolutely to tướng blame: either they are the sole source of the bug OR they are responsible for making it possible for a Yubikey bug to tướng cause login failures. In either case that is an absolutely unforgivable sin!

answered Jul 12 at 3:40

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You paired your key at some point with macOS.

Open Terminal and unpair it:

sudo /usr/sbin/sc_auth unpair -u YourUserName

or simply

sudo /usr/sbin/sc_auth unpair

Take out your key if you have it plugged in and reboot.

Your key should be unpaired from your username. Remember you don't have to tướng pair your key to tướng use it. You only have to tướng pair it if you want to tướng use it for macOS authentication.

answered Dec 9, 2021 at 12:01

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Mac OS has detected you have an e-signature installed probably ( on a flash drive for example ) - that is the pin it is referring to tướng. Enter your electronic signature pin.

answered Jun 5 at 6:36

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