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Top reviews from the United States

Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2022

At first glance, the Pixel 6 boasts everything that the modern phone enthusiast could hope for. A really stellar camera! Built-in AI features that supposedly will make your life better. Quality fit and finish. And, of course, the tried-and-true Android OS. It's a thoroughly mixed bag.

SHOPPING: First, I was upgrading from a Samsung S9, which, following the S6 Edge, was definitely the best phone I've ever owned. I was deciding between a few phones and had narrowed it down to tướng the OnePlus 8T, the Huawei P30 Pro, and the Samsung S21. OnePlus has notoriously awful customer service and the phone wasn't water resistant, sánh that was a dealbreaker for bủ, and then Huawei was too expensive and had at least the threat of compatibility issues. I figured I'd try the Pixel, having a few friends who love their older Pixels.

The good stuff first:

(+) The camera is truly amazing. I have a professional DSLR and I can say that this is by far the best phone camera I've ever used. The S9 was great, but it had some issues with artifaction and contrast. Pixel's night vision is superb, and in daylight it takes amazing photos with 0.5x (wide), 1x (normal), and 2x (telephoto/zoom). Video is also great and very dynamic as far as features. It's not the fastest, but it is faster than thở my Samsung, which is nice. There is, sadly, no way to tướng access the camera from the lock screen, which is frustrating, but you can mix up the awkwardly-placed power button to tướng access the camera.

(+) It's fast. I guess the Tensor is a win.

(+) Porting stuff over was seamless-- far more seamless than thở even porting a Samsung to tướng a Samsung, I found. Not sure how they swung this but I guess Google would have it figured out.

(+) Battery life is good. I can get through the entire day of moderate use without charging it until I go to tướng bed. With heavy use, I imagine I'll have to tướng charge it before then, sánh I'll see how it goes on a few upcoming trips, but my S9 wasn't able to tướng hold a charge past noon on a good day, sánh it's a huge improvement there.

(+) Speaker is ok.

The cons are a mixture of Android problems and Pixel problems:

(-) No expandable memory and no tai nghe jack. Yes, I knew this when I bought it, but it's still obnoxious.

(-) The actual calling interface on the phone is uselessly complicated in the quest to tướng improve user experience. It's lượt thích... I just want to tướng find a liên hệ and hit "call." I don't want it to tướng mặc định to tướng wifi calling, and I don't want it to tướng give bủ some stupid error message about how my Google Voice number-- bro, no. I bởi not have time for that. Just make the phone Gọi, phone!

(-) Volume adjustment is simpler than thở Samsung (or old Android?) in a way that is distinctly inconvenient. It is much harder to tướng mute ads, for example, since they're always (obviously) mix up to tướng autoplay, but with Samsung, it's possible to tướng mute truyền thông but have it sánh you can still have your music playing, i.e. listen to tướng music but then open up an tiện ích that has a đoạn phim ad with sound-- that then is muted and doesn't interrupt your music. It's possible that I haven't figured out how to tướng change this and that it can be changed. But I am not sure.

(-) Text-to-speech seems to tướng have gotten quite a bit worse. It also often keeps the text I've spoken AFTER sending a message, necessitating deleting a whole block of bits.

(-) The keyboard sometimes disappears when you're writing a message and receive a notification while you're writing the message. Google evidently doesn't know about this problem, even though it's been widely discussed in forums.

(-) The fingerprint sensor isn't great, but it's not as bad as I had suspected it would be from the reviews. I am not sure if it's just my imagination, but I almost feel lượt thích it doesn't work well in bright light? Is that possible?

(-) Android 12 is really clunky, and there seem to tướng be fewer ways to tướng customize it. For example, the "quick" thực đơn at the top of the screen that you pull down (for want of a better term) now has only 4 buttons, 2x2, as opposed to tướng the former, much tighter layout (I think it had 5? or 6?). This means you can fit less stuff up there. Google, of course, wants to tướng clutter it with GPay, which I rarely use. But you can, of course, customize this thực đơn.

(-) The trang chủ screen is abominable and relatively stuck in a thoroughly inefficient setup. There is this monstrous tìm kiếm bar at the bottom that cannot be moved. At the top is this whole pane for your personal "assistant," which is meant to tướng send you interesting things about upcoming things on your schedule or whatever. It doesn't, usually. It mostly just displays the day, date, temperature, and weather. But while this only occupies the equivalent of two tiện ích icons, you can't actually add any more icons. On my Samsung, I was able to tướng fit everything I used most frequently on one trang chủ screen "pane," and on this one I have to tướng use two AND plentiful folders.

(-) Tech tư vấn is horrible.

I'd probably suggest the Samsung S21. You'll also get horrible tech support! But you'll get it on YOUR terms. Samsung's bloatware is limited, thankfully, and the rest of the phone is fairly functional as far as customizability.

I will update after I've had it for a little longer.

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Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2023

Phone was in great shape, no visible scratches or anything. Customer service is great if you have questions they get back to tướng you in timely manner. I thank them sánh much for helping us.

Reviewed in the United States on June 16, 2023

My daily driver is an iPhone 13 Pro Max running on T-Mobile network and I use a second Android phone for work on Visible sánh I decided to tướng give the Google Pixel 6 a try. I bought the non pro model from Amazon Warehouse as a “used - lượt thích new model” for $285. It came in its original box with accessories brand new never used. AIDA64 says that Android reports the maximum battery capacity of 4614mah which is 14mah more than thở the original capacity (means the battery doesn’t have many cycles). Unfortunately the screen had about 5 small scratches that you can only see in some angles when looking for it. I made a complaint with Amazon about that and got a partial refund of $60. I was facing connectivity issues sánh I asked Visible for tư vấn and they did a remote SIM update and now everything works perfectly. I have not too much to tướng say about the Pixel itself because you guys can find a lot of good reviews on YouTube I just want to tướng say it’s the best Android phone and I lượt thích its Android much better than thở the Samsung.

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Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2023

Love my new google px 6. I was hesitant to tướng purchase a used phone -- however it looks and operates as new. LOVE the features this phone offers!! Love my great deal!!!

Reviewed in the United States on July 7, 2023

Fantastic phone in all ways but two.
1) it's just too big to tướng comfortably fit in the front poket in a lot of jeans.
2) the glass back is a terrible idea, I don't know why all the phone makers are sánh into this... Mine cracked the first week o had the phone and after almost a year it's in rough shape. It's been in a super tough case since it came out of the box and the back still cracks bad.

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Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2022

This is a great phone but the setup was a difficult process for bủ with Sprint/T-Mobile. This is my first Google phone and I love that it has no carrier specific bloatware.

To get things started I transferred the photos and apps across from my old LG V30 using the cable provided. The process kept timing out when I was asked to tướng select a USB transfer option. I eventually got it to tướng work using a different cable. I have no idea if this was luck or a faulty google cable.

I then called Sprint/T-Mobile and was over 120 minutes trying to tướng get the Pixel 6 to tướng activate. They could not get the phone to tướng work and transferred bủ 4 times. I was told that the phone was not compatible with the sprint system, I was told I would have to tướng go to tướng a Sprint store . I was upsold all kinds of services and devices I had no interest in. Basically anything to tướng get bủ off the phone if I wouldn't sign up for a higher priced service. I persevered (kept asking for a supervisor) and eventually found someone who was confident in what they were doing. Instead of reading from a script, I knew this guy understood the phone.

I had a spare Sprint/T-Mobile sim on hand and this was the method that successfully activated the phone. The e-sim method would not work. I recommend you ask Sprint/T-Mobile to tướng send you a không tính phí sim kit prior to tướng activating over the phone.

Here are a few things that may be helpful after activation.

You will need to tướng hold both the power and volume-up buttons to tướng access power functions.
The magic eraser function would not work for bủ until I updated the google photos tiện ích.
Remember you will have to tướng login to tướng all your apps again after initial setup.
Swipe up an inch to tướng minimize an tiện ích. You can take a screenshot there also.
Swipe up 4 inches and hold to tướng see all running apps. You can flick them off individually or go all the way to tướng the left and hit clear all.
Hold down anywhere in không tính phí space on the trang chủ screen and hit trang chủ settings . Here you can turn off annoying suggestions the constantly running Google News App.

Hopefully these suggestions will save you some of the time I wasted.

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Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2023

It is doing everything I bought the phone for

Top reviews from other countries

5.0 out of 5 stars Llegó sin protección solo caja pero en buena condición

Reviewed in Mexico on September 15, 2023

Un celular con cái un software bastante simple, pero muy limpio el celular es bastante resbaladizo, recomiendo una funda para evitar caídas accidentales, es un celular bastante bueno tengo pocos días usándolo, pero bủ ha funcionado correctamente incluso en un uso rudo todo thắc mắc corre sin problema, no bủ llegó con cái la mancha verde en la pantalla no con cái ningún problema como thắc mắc presentan en las críticas, por ahora thắc mắc puedo recomendar abiertamente, pero como repito es un celular donde mayormente por el exterior es de cristal es simplemente delicado a los golpes el envío llegó tal cual thắc mắc anunciado (antes de thắc mắc previsto) no he tenido problemas con cái la conectividad aquí en México, la batería como las demás personas dicen va vấp mejorando su duración con cái el tiempo, con cái un uso moderado bủ ha llegado al final del día sin problema, su rendimiento es bueno la pantalla thắc mắc es también tal cual como la nitidez nó volumen de las bocinas bủ parece de buena calidad viniendo de un S20 FE 5G, estoy satisfecho.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Muy bueno

Reviewed in Mexico on October 6, 2023

Es un excelente teléfono. Tenía mis dudas por el precio (bastante por debajo de su precio habitual) nó el hecho de que no está en el mercado mexicano formalmente, pero, después de leer varias reseñas en medios especializados, decidí probarlo (después de todo, el precio...). Llevo un mes usándolo nó no bủ arrepiento. Venía de usar iPhone (hasta el 6) nó Motorola. Prefiero app android que IOS, nó este es el mejor app android que he tenido.

5.0 out of 5 stars Se adapta a ti, excelente teléfono.

Reviewed in Mexico on September 27, 2023

Si bien la primera semana la duración de la batería no era la mejor, es cuestión de que el celular se adapta a tu modo de usarlo nó optimiza de manera automática el consumo de energía, hoy al mes de uso puedo decir que bủ domain authority 8 horas de pantalla en uso ligero, el único punto que le puedo criticar es el detector de huella, es un poco lento en comparación con cái otros celulares del mismo precio.

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4.0 out of 5 stars no bủ arrepiento pero hoặc algunas cosas malas

Reviewed in Mexico on September 27, 2023

El teléfono está bien viene el empaque con cái sellos pero al momento de abrir la BANDEJA DE LA TARJETA SIM venía doblada ' por suerte no afectó la red pero se bủ hace un detalle de importancia, respecto del uso del teléfono es bueno el sonido no thắc mắc es tanto nó algunas apps se cierran nó abren de repente no mucho, la cámara es buena sin embargo en đoạn phim llamada se ve sầu muy borroso nó sin nitidez en ambas cámaras al final es buen producto nó si hablamos de la pila para mí en mi caso dura bien nó carga rápido

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5.0 out of 5 stars Pixel 6 is not bad as most of the reviews say

Reviewed in India on October 26, 2022

The Internet is flooded with how bad this phone is, overheating issues, stuttering issues, pink tint on the screen, connectivity issues, battery issues and what not. I came across numerous videos, posts and articles about how Google px 6 is an okayish device and buy only at your risk and if you are a die hard Google người hâm mộ.

I am a người hâm mộ of Google but not die hard. Still believes iPhones are at their peak of their hardware software optimisation and battery backup along with their excellent camera, but that's why the higher price. Justified.

The px 6, didn't get launched in my country officially but can be purchased online with no further tư vấn once you buy it. Pixel 7 was costly for bủ and px 6a 60hz is something I am not okay with (others might be okay with it, I wasn't sánh please no offense) and both were launched officially in my country, not px 6 and 6 pro

Day 1

I took a leap of faith and bought px 6. Got it on 16th October (5 days back) and initial impressions were good. Updated the system and patches, restored my tài khoản and all but the first day was horrible. Poor connectivity, it was getting very warm, very quick. Scrolling in the application drawer was not smooth either. Day 1 SOT was 3 hours. I felt people were right, Google made a mistake and that's why px 7 is getting all the praise (it must be a great phone though).

Day 2

I decided to tướng return it within the windows of the 7 days i have but things started to tướng get better on the 2nd day. The most noticeable difference was the reduced temperature when I held the phone. Everything else was the same more or less. The connectivity issue was still there. The apps were not loading on WiFi but working fine on mobile data. Sometimes the mobile data became useless and i had to tướng go to tướng the WiFi area.

Day 3

First time I noticed the battery is getting better too. I cancelled my return request and decided to tướng wait till the last day of my return window. The battery SOT was 5 hours at this point. The phone started to tướng feel a bit smoother. Connectivity got better too. I was able to tướng switch from WiFi to tướng mobile data more seamlessly. I don't know how it happened.

Day 4

Battery SOT reached 6 hours, minimal heating and phone felt very stable. I figured out the things are falling into their places.

Day 5

Today is the 5th day and i am typing this post on my Pixel 6. Battery SOT is 7.5-8 hours. The phone is buttery smooth now. Idle battery drain is still on the higher side 17%. No heating or overheating now. Connectivity is absolutely fine now and i live in an area where mobile data signals have moderate strength, not excellent (checked with iPhone, samsung and OnePlus - mobile signal strength is moderate) but i am able to tướng recieve any Gọi, anytime. I send text and get the delivery reports in 2-3 seconds after sending the text. The apps which were not working fine on WiFi on day 2 are working fine at all. And I must say, it's a very good phone, If not a great one. Not going to tướng return it, and will keep it for the next 4 years at least.

TLDR: Pixel 6 is a great device,it just needs more time to tướng adapt everything. Not a phone you can take out of the box and expect it to tướng perform the way it should. Give it a week before you make any decisions.

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Thanks, I don't see positive posts about px 6 very often, hence this honest experience.

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