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Update December 6, 2021: View the Facebook Protect landing page for the most up-to-date information about this security program.

We know that certain people such as candidates, their campaigns and elected officials can be targeted by bad actors on social truyền thông media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Accounts that face additional threats during an election cycle may need additional protection, that’s why we created a program called Facebook Protect.Facebook Protect helps candidates, their campaigns and elected officials adopt stronger tài khoản security protections, lượt thích two-factor authentication, and monitors for potential hacking threats.

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This voluntary program is intended for the following people affiliated with xanh xao badge-verified Pages:

  • Candidates for federal, state and local office and their chiến dịch staffers
  • Federal, state and local elected officials and their staffers
  • Representatives from federal and state political buổi tiệc nhỏ committees and their staffers
  • Federal, state and local agencies and departments’ Page admins who have a role in the election process
  • Any person or group with a xanh xao badge-verified Page who is involved in the elections process


Enrolling in this voluntary program will help us more quickly detect any potentially suspicious tài khoản activity by monitoring for attempts to lớn hack the tài khoản, such as unusual login locations or unverified devices. All Page admins of enrolled Pages will be required to lớn go through Page Publishing Authorization to lớn ensure the security of the Page, regardless of whether or not individual Page admins choose to lớn enroll in this program*. We are constantly looking for ways to lớn stay one step ahead of bad actors. While we may never be able to lớn catch every bad actor, this program is one of several steps we’re taking to lớn make it harder for tài khoản compromises to lớn occur.

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*Page Publishing Authorization asks people who manage these Pages to lớn secure their accounts with two-factor authentication and confirm their primary country locations. In addition, it requires Page admins to lớn manage their Page from a real name Profile that is the individual’s only profile on the platform.


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People who may be eligible for Facebook Protect will see prompts on Facebook to lớn learn about the program and enroll. We plan to lớn continue expanding this program globally in 2022 and will share updates on our progress along the way.

No action is required unless you get a notification on Facebook that you’re eligible to lớn enroll.

If you are not the admin of your candidate or organization's Page and wish to lớn enroll in this program, please tương tác your Page admin and request for them to lớn begin the enrollment process.