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What is a Facebook QR Code?

A Facebook QR Code allows you vĩ đại redirect users vĩ đại your Facebook page vĩ đại lượt thích or follow your business. While Facebook provides a mặc định option, you can still use a QR Code solution vĩ đại create customized landing pages vĩ đại drive traffic vĩ đại your Facebook profile or page.

Does Facebook have a QR Code?

Yes, Facebook does have a QR Code that lets users scan vĩ đại visit your business page. You can find this QR Code while editing your page’s info. You can share it across multiple channels vĩ đại gain traction for your page and improve business growth.

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Drawbacks of Facebook’s mặc định QR Code

  1. You cannot track the performance of the QR Code.
  2. You can’t customize the QR Code.
  3. You cannot select the error correction level.
  4. You cannot tải về the QR Code in the format you require.
  5. You can only liên kết vĩ đại your business page and not a specific Facebook post.
  6. You cannot integrate with other software vĩ đại create automated workflows.

How vĩ đại get a QR Code for your Facebook page

  • Step 1: Go vĩ đại your Facebook page

    Log in vĩ đại your Facebook trương mục and navigate vĩ đại your page

  • Step 2: Copy Facebook page URL

    Copy the URL of the Facebook page you want vĩ đại drive traffic to

  • Step 3: Beaconstac’s QR Code generator

    Go vĩ đại Beaconstac’s QR Code generator

  • Step 4: Select chiến dịch type

    Select ‘Facebook Page’ from the list of chiến dịch types

    Click on the Facebook page
  • Step 5: Set up your Facebook QR Code

    Paste your Facebook page URL, add a header and logo, and change the button

    Enter your Facebook page details
  • Step 6: Customize QR Code

    Customize the QR Code vĩ đại align with Facebook’s style guide

    Customize your Facebook QR Code
  • Step 7: Generate and tải về QR Code

    Generate the QR Code and tải về it for promotions vĩ đại let users lượt thích and share the page

    Download Facebook QR Code

Which QR Code Generator is the best vĩ đại create Facebook QR Codes? Find out.

Note: If you need vĩ đại open the Facebook page in the tiện ích directly, you have vĩ đại follow this URL scheme fb://page/(pageID) or fb://profile/(pageID) without the https://

You will find your page ID in the About section of your Facebook page.

How vĩ đại create a QR Code for a Facebook group

To create a Facebook group QR Code, follow these steps -

  • Step 1: Copy the URL of the Facebook group
  • Step 2: Log in vĩ đại Beaconstac’s dashboard and select URL QR Code. Now, paste the URL of the Facebook group in the box
  • Step 3: Customize the Facebook group QR Code vĩ đại add a logo, change the eyes, template, and more
  • Step 4: Add a password if the Facebook group is exclusive vĩ đại members only
  • Step 5: Generate and test the Facebook group QR Code
  • Step 6: Download the QR Code

How vĩ đại create a QR Code for a Facebook event

  • Step 1: Copy the URL of your sự kiện page on Facebook
  • Step 2: Go vĩ đại a custom QR Code generator
  • Step 3: Select ‘Website’ from the list of QR Code types
  • Step 4: Paste the URL in the space provided
  • Step 5: Customize the QR Code
  • Step 6: Test and tải về it

What can a QR Code for a Facebook page do?

There are a range of actions that page managers can perform when they have a Facebook QR Code -

  1. Like a page automatically
  2. Connect vĩ đại recommendations when a user visits their Page
  3. Connect users vĩ đại a review page
  4. Check in on business locations
  5. Connect users vĩ đại “View Offers” listing
  6. Additional URL vĩ đại your trang web or landing page
  7. Connect users directly vĩ đại your Facebook page

Why tự I need a Facebook QR Code?

Here are 6 features of Beaconstac’s Facebook QR Code generator that can help elevate your existing Facebook strategy:

Editable QR Codes

Let’s say you want vĩ đại update your QR Code vĩ đại liên kết vĩ đại a different Facebook post every week. With the help of Beaconstac’s dynamic QR Code generator, you can redirect the existing QR Code vĩ đại the required destination seamlessly.

Track Facebook QR Code campaigns

Facebook QR Code vĩ đại track campaigns

You can make use of Beaconstac’s QR Code analytics module vĩ đại help gauge your marketing chiến dịch metrics. QR Code tracking enables you vĩ đại assess your marketing chiến dịch by tracking QR Code scans in real-time based on location, time, OS used, and even the number of scans.

You can also track QR Codes with Google Analytics vĩ đại receive more in-depth insights on audience demographics and behavior.

Scale up your marketing efforts and improve ROI calculations vĩ đại ensure your marketing campaigns succeed with Facebook QR Codes.

Dedicated chiến dịch type for your Facebook page

Using Beaconstac’s Facebook Page QR Code type, you can summarize your Facebook business page by adding a headline and a short mô tả tìm kiếm, and let users lượt thích the page without visiting it.

All-in-one social truyền thông media QR Code

While creating a social truyền thông media QR Code on the Beaconstac dashboard, you can include your Facebook username along with other social truyền thông media channels. This lets you streamline all social truyền thông media marketing efforts in one go.

Learn more: How vĩ đại create all-in-one QR Codes

Facebook QR Code generator with logo

Increase brand representation by adding your logo vĩ đại your Facebook QR Code. You can also modify the color scheme vĩ đại match your brand’s design. This helps your target audience recognize your brand easily.

To ensure that every QR Code generated for Facebook follows the same design guidelines, you can save your Facebook QR Code’s customizations as a template on Beaconstac.

When you’re creating a new Facebook QR Code chiến dịch, you can select the required QR Code template during the customization step vĩ đại save time and generate your QR Code quickly.

Error correction levels and scalable vector formats

With Beaconstac, you can select the error correction level you wish vĩ đại apply vĩ đại your QR Code vĩ đại make sure that it’s still scannable after natural wear and tear.

In order vĩ đại maintain high resolution for your QR Code, you’ll need vĩ đại tải về it in the relevant image tệp tin.

Beaconstac offers scalable vector formats such as SVG, EPS, and PDF vĩ đại ensure that your QR Code doesn’t get pixelated upon increasing its size for different marketing materials.

Check out: QR Code printing guidelines

How can I use a Facebook QR Code?


Facebook QR Code for businesses and brands

Facebook QR Code vĩ đại lượt thích a Facebook business page

Start driving more traffic vĩ đại your Facebook business page by inviting people vĩ đại lượt thích it. This is where Facebook business page QR Codes come in handy. You can print out QR Codes on PDFs, posters, flyers, or even brochures inviting users vĩ đại lượt thích your Facebook page.

  • Improving social truyền thông media visibility

    For retailers, having a large following on social truyền thông media can mean spending less money on advertising. When consumers engage with your Facebook posts, their friends and family get notified as well. This causes a snowball effect driving more traffic vĩ đại the Facebook page and ultimately the trang web as well as in-store traffic.
  • Sell directly on Facebook

    Facebook also allows businesses vĩ đại add shoppable inventory vĩ đại their page allowing customers vĩ đại cửa hàng right then and there. This adds another stream of revenue for businesses.
  • Facebook recommended

    While Facebook has done away with the 5-star rating system, their new review system still allows users vĩ đại leave feedback along with their recommendations. When users are invited vĩ đại lượt thích your page, they can also recommend your business. This not only helps your business establish itself online but it also helps drive more sales.

    According vĩ đại BrightLocal, 91% of 18-34 year-olds trust online reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation. While it is true that not all reviews may be positive, a bad review is an opportunity for a business vĩ đại rectify the situation which is essential given that 89% of users read a business’s response vĩ đại reviews online.

  • Embed on print materials vĩ đại share your Facebook page

    QR Codes are the most dynamic tool vĩ đại bridge the gap between offline and online platforms. Sharing your Facebook page offline has never been this easy with Facebook QR Codes.

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    Make use of Facebook QR Codes and print them on your OOH advertisements such as billboards, banners, and flyers. Link the QR Code vĩ đại your Facebook page for users vĩ đại learn more about your new products, services, sales, and events seamlessly.

Facebook Messenger QR Code

Businesses and brands have long since realized how important it is vĩ đại answer a shopper’s question quickly and accurately. Most consumers, however, want their questions answered even before they step into the store. Here’s where chatbots come into play. A chatbot is designed vĩ đại ask and answer a phối of frequently asked questions and it can be as simple or complex as a brand would lượt thích it vĩ đại be. Most chatbots can be seamlessly integrated with Facebook Messenger allowing shoppers vĩ đại ask and have their questions answered anytime.

  • How vĩ đại use Facebook Messenger QR Code

    Businesses and brands can print out the Facebook Messenger QR Code on posters, flyers, brochures, business cards or have it up in their Facebook posts vĩ đại get more consumers into their inbox. Once someone scans the Facebook Messenger QR Code, they can directly interact with the chatbot or a live person handling the inbox.
    • Enquire about business hours

      Let users know your business hours through a chatbot if you are closed on certain days. This not only saves them time but also keeps a potential customer engaged due vĩ đại such prompt service.

    • Product availability

      Users may also want vĩ đại know if you have a certain product available in your store. By allowing them vĩ đại text you on Messenger, you can save them the time it would take vĩ đại tìm kiếm and điện thoại tư vấn businesses in the vicinity.

    • Product recommendations

      Some chatbots are capable of recommending products after the user answers a few pre-set questions. This not only helps with personalizing the whole customer experience but also helps vĩ đại engage the customer even before they step into the store.

    NOTE - Facebook has discontinued messenger QR Codes. However, you can still liên kết a QR Code vĩ đại your Messenger vĩ đại share with users, businesses and potential customers.

QR Code for Facebook profile page

Some people are the brand. Think Dolce and Gabbana or Donatella Versace. Along with a business page, business owners and celebrities have a verified profile page. Facebook QR Codes can be used vĩ đại drive traffic vĩ đại such pages as well. By allowing consumers vĩ đại interact with the face of the brand, it not only drives more trust and engagement but also sales.

Facebook check-in QR Code

According vĩ đại Facebook, 2.23 billion people log onto Facebook every single day. About half of them kiểm tra in on Facebook letting their network know where they are. This bit of information is extremely valuable for businesses trying vĩ đại grow and reinforce their brand.

But instead of the consumer taking the time vĩ đại open up Facebook, find the location and then check-in, there is now a better way - Facebook check-in QR Codes. Scan these QR codes and you can instantly kiểm tra in on Facebook in less phàn nàn a couple of seconds.

Businesses can use this as a way vĩ đại drive more traffic vĩ đại their Facebook page, brick-and-mortar store, and gain more visibility. By placing a customized QR Code inside the store or location, businesses can make it simple for consumers vĩ đại check-in on Facebook.

Generate Facebook QR Code vĩ đại promote Events

Music festivals, stand-up comedy, and a trade show - all of these have one thing in common: A Facebook sự kiện page. Generating interest online is instrumental in making the sự kiện a success.

You can use QR Codes online and offline vĩ đại drive users vĩ đại the sự kiện page where they can indicate whether they are ‘Interested’, ‘Going’ or ‘Not Going’. Once someone indicates that they are interested in or going vĩ đại an sự kiện, this also helps create awareness on a bigger level as their friends get notified.

Create dynamic QR Codes for Facebook events ví that you can promote the next sự kiện without having vĩ đại print the QR Code again. A dynamic QR Code generator is required vĩ đại create dynamic QR Codes and can save you a ton of money, time and effort.

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Creating viral QR Code campaigns for Facebook posts

Want your engaging Facebook post vĩ đại go viral? Now you can leverage QR Codes vĩ đại tự ví.

  • STEP 1: Create your Facebook post: Upload a compelling status, image or video
  • STEP 2: Copy the URL and paste it into the QR Code generator
  • STEP 3: Customize your QR Code with colors and add your logo
  • STEP 4: Download it and share it over E-Mail, SMS and social media

By bridging the gap between offline and online, you can gain traction from your online following as well as users who receive your chiến dịch in their mail or through a flyer or a poster.

You can also integrate Facebook QR Codes into your tiện ích or trang web by using a QR Code Generator API vĩ đại create static or dynamic QR Codes, and QR Codes in bulk.

Facebook QR Code: Things vĩ đại keep in mind

Size your QR Code appropriately

In general, your QR Code size should be at least 1 centimet x 1 centimet vĩ đại be rendered readable by smartphones.

You can also use this formula vĩ đại calculate your QR Code’s minimum size: QR Code size = Scanning distance/10.

The scanning distance is the length between the điện thoại thông minh and your QR Code.

Add an actionable frame CTA

Make your QR Codes more actionable by adding a frame text that conveys what it does. This nudges users vĩ đại scan the QR Code quickly vĩ đại access the information they require.

You can add a QR Code frame text that says, ‘Scan vĩ đại follow us on Facebook’ vĩ đại let users know that your QR Code lets them lượt thích and follow your page online.

QR Code placement

Where you place your QR Code also plays a vital role in ensuring its scannability. Avoid placing it on uneven surfaces since it can distort your QR Code.

Place it on a flat surface that’s easily visible vĩ đại users and causes no problems while scanning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Facebook QR Code generator?

Although Facebook has its own mặc định QR Code, you can use a Facebook QR Code generator for your social truyền thông media campaigns. A QR Code generator allows you vĩ đại create a Facebook QR Code vĩ đại advertise your business page, add them on profile pages, and promote events.

2. Are QR Codes for Facebook free?

No, Facebook QR Codes are not không tính phí. However, their pricing starts from just $5.

3. How tự I kiểm tra if a Facebook QR Code page is authentic?

An authentic business page on Facebook has a grey tick mark next vĩ đại the name vĩ đại confirm the authenticity of the organization. Facebook pages that are popular due vĩ đại public interest such as global brands and celebrities have a xanh lơ tick mark as an indication of their authenticity.

4. Can I use a QR Code vĩ đại liên kết vĩ đại my Facebook page


  1. Go vĩ đại Beaconstac’s QR Code generator
  2. Select ‘Website’ as the QR Code type
  3. Paste the URL of your Facebook page in the box provided
  4. Customize the QR Code
  5. Test and tải về it

5. Why is my Facebook QR Code not working?

A Facebook QR Code might not work for the following reasons -

  1. Check the size of the QR Code
  2. Check if the page linked vĩ đại the QR Code is broken or expired
  3. Check the contrast of the QR Code
  4. Try vĩ đại scan the QR Code from a distance and keep the điện thoại thông minh straight while scanning
  5. Test vĩ đại see if the QR Code is overcrowded
  6. Update the device OS vĩ đại the latest one
  7. Download a QR Code scanner tiện ích if your phone does not tư vấn the latest OS

Learn more: Find out why your QR Code is not working

6. What is a QR Code on Facebook?

A Facebook QR Code is a QR Code that connects vĩ đại your Facebook profile and page vĩ đại summarize the business evidently. Mobile-friendly Facebook QR Codes are apt vĩ đại connect printed materials with your Facebook page with just a single scan.

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7. Can I liên kết multiple Facebook Accounts with the same Facebook QR Code?

No. Only one Facebook trương mục can be linked per Facebook QR Code. In case you’d lượt thích vĩ đại chiến dịch multiple Facebook pages, you need vĩ đại create a separate Facebook QR Code for each page.

8. Is there a QR Code for Facebook?

Yes, Facebook does provide a QR Code that links vĩ đại your business page. Users can scan it vĩ đại visit your page, lượt thích, and follow it.

9. How tự I get my Facebook QR Code?

  1. Go vĩ đại your Facebook page
  2. On the left-hand side, click on Edit Page Info
  3. Scroll down until you see your QR Code
  4. Download it and share it across multiple channels

Generate Free Facebook QR Code now