realme 10 pro 5g

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The most
expansive viewing
experience ever
in a điện thoại thông minh.

A design truly out
of this world.

A tried and true
camera system
ready to lớn please.

Experience Boundless Comfort

Up to

1TB External

695 5G Processor

Welcome to lớn the
world's most expansive
điện thoại thông minh display.

1mm side bezels,
for a full viewing experience.
(Did we mention full?)

A 93.76% screen-to-body ratio¹ lets you experience your phone in an all new way, with razor-thin 1mm bezels² keeping your viewing experience pristinely undisturbed.

Full vision, fast vision, smooth vision.
The realme 10 Pro 5G is all vision,
all the time.

Ultra expansive 6.72" FHD+ LCD Display.³
Ultra fast 120Hz refresh rate.⁴
Ultra smooth 240Hz touch sampling rate.⁴
Redefining what comfort can mean in a điện thoại thông minh.


Information Stream

RAZR Technology

Removed adhesive, zero resin

Our most elegant solution to lớn providing a full-screen viewing experience. Three innovative technologies combine for one enhanced user experience.

Adaptive Antenna Switching

More antennas,
more screen.

By reimagining the internal structure of the antenna system, we've managed to lớn fit more antennas into the phone while allowing for the thinnest bezels.

InSeal Technology

Water protection,
done different.

realme 10 Pro 5G is vacuum-sealed from the inside, using an innovative solution that involves zero glue on the screen. The advantages? Thinner bezels, a more polished design, and fewer openings for water, dust, and debris to lớn enter.

TopNotch Technology

Fewer distractions.

A notch doesn't belong on the face of a phone. That's why with TopNotch Technology we integrated the light sensor into the top of the bezel, leaving you with a wider, more expansive display.

Infinite space.
Infinite view.
Infinite imagination.

A new vision awaits

Hyperspace Design is your
portal to lớn an untapped world
of imagination.

Prism Acceleration Beams

Twin-lens Reflex (TLR) Camera Design

Nebula particles


Open up a world of imagination.

Dark Matter

Enter into new possibilities.

Nebula Blue

Make the magic come to lớn life.

Uninterrupted Comfort

An ultra-thin 8.1mm body⁵ keeps things elegant. An ultra-fast side fingerprint scanner keeps things simple.

Ultra-sharp clarity is coming with

108MP ProLight
Imaging Technology

Our next-generation image processing algorthim goes all-in on the details. With 108MP⁶, you'll have the power to lớn capture everything. Even the night.

Deeper details, clever capture, superpowered snaps.

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Get it right the first time. Motion detection technology ensures you take the right shots with the right focus at the right time. The AI enhancement algorithm allows for more pixels to lớn be captured, ensuring super crisp clarity with each shot.

With night vision comes new vision.

Bring out the beauty of the night with Super Nightscape Mode. Even in the darkest hours of the night, the realme 10 Pro 5G knows how to lớn get you the best shots.

Clearer faces, clearer smiles.

108MP combines with an intelligent camera software made to lớn get clear faces in every shot. Trained to lớn identify faces in over millions of group photos, Super Group Portrait is an expert at making your smile clearly seen.

Create more moments
in your moments.

From a single photo, multiple ' best moment ' photos will be generated from different perspectives, giving you more moments to lớn enjoy. One Take AI software combines with the 108MP main camera to bring magic to lớn the moments of your life.

Recommended Composition 1

Recommended Composition 2

Recommended Composition 3

Clearly wow.

There's no reason every shot can't be a wow shot. With Street Photography Mode 3.0, our intelligent software acts as your guide, recommending the most suitable filter to lớn use based on your lighting environment.

Clarity all around.

The super capable 16MP front camera captures realistic colours and rich details, making sure you look your best every time.



Ultra Experience
All the Way.

Ready to lớn GGGGGame

5G gaming is a game changer. Powered by the Snapdragon™ 695 5G Chipset, your thirst for performance will be exceedingly quenched.

Store more, keep more.

Need extra storage? Just pop in a microSD thẻ and expand your storage by up to lớn 1TB¹⁰. DRE technology can also give you up to lớn an 8GB boost of dynamic RAM¹¹.

Up to


External Memory

Up to


width up 8GB Dynamic RAM Expansion

Double the speakers,
double the fun.

Want it louder? Even louder? Let the boom hug you from all 'round with the 200% Ultra Boom Dual Speakers, our latest solution to lớn immersive audio.

Battery life that lasts (and lasts).

A massive 5000mAh battery means you get 639 hours of standby time¹². And if you find yourself low on battery, just switch on Ultra Saving Mode, giving you 1.8 hours of Gọi time with just 5% battery life¹².

Good in a flash.

50% charge in 29 minutes¹³.
Our 33W SUPERVOOC Charge has you covered.

realme Quality¹⁵

21 Days

Long-term High Temperature
and High Humidity 65℃/95%RH

20,000 Times

USB Plugging
and Unplugging

150,000 Times

Volume Button

300 Hours

Temperature Shock -40℃~75℃

4,000 Times

Repeated Switching

500,000 Times

Power Button

Choose your market

Products may have different prices and availability based on market

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