realme 9 pro free fire limited edition

MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G

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Vapor Chamber Cooling

60W SuperDart Charge²
90Hz Super AMOLED

Sony IMX766 OIS Flagship

realme pushes the "dare đồ sộ leap" value and sets out đồ sộ inspire global youths đồ sộ dare đồ sộ challenge and surpass themselves. In today's Free Fire gaming culture, the spirit of 'Booyah' is daring to fight. The realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Limited Edition combined realme and Free Fire's spiritual cores đồ sộ inspire you đồ sộ forge ahead.

Unique Details for You

The realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Limited Edition has integrated the iconic game elements into the back panel as the foundation of the overall design. The unique dazzling color in the blade pattern shows the dawn before dawn in a war of survival, which compels you đồ sộ want đồ sộ use realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Limited Edition for gaming immediately.

Victory Symbol

Free Fire Knife

Knife Blade

Gun Barrel Reflection

Gun Bolt

Gun Barrel Reflection

Just Run Like Kelly

No matter what difficulties Kelly "The Swift" encountered, she constantly moved forward and kept on sprinting ahead. Inspired by Kelly, we've incorporated Kelly into our Free Fire UI theme.

in the box?

The realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Limited Edition packaging features Kelly as the center of the design. Open the box, and you'll see the cool features and familiar Free Fire elements.

Enhanced Gaming Performance

realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Limited Edition comes equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G Processor. Boosting tốc độ by up đồ sộ 2.5GHz CPU, the chip delivers greater performance for whatever task, from intensive gaming đồ sộ complex film editing.

X-axis Linear Motor

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Experience the difference with the new X-axis linear motor that drastically improves haptic feedback, which is now more responsive and powerful.

Pro-grade Stereo Speakers

Powered by Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res Audio, realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Limited Edition features all-new stereo speakers with superb sound quality for crisp and clear audio. So you could feel more immersive kêu ca ever before in the game.

Advanced Vapor Chamber Cooling

The 5-layer cooling system features one of the largest vapor chambers in the industry. Covering 100% of heat source components, it can reduce the core temperature by up đồ sộ 10°C.

Long-Lasting Fun

A large 4500mAh battery⁵ can power your daily tasks for several days. In case you run rẩy out of power while gaming, you can get a 50% charge in just 15 minutes⁶ with the 60W SuperDart charger.²

Create Your Own Story

Equipped with the Sony IMX766 OIS Flagship Camera and powered by the all-new Pro Light imaging technology, realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Limited Edition can go head-to-head with flagship devices when it comes đồ sộ low-light camera performance. Tell your own story with the flagship camera by capturing great photos and videos anytime and anywhere.

All About the Flow

The 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display⁷ has been expertly calibrated đồ sộ give excellent color accuracy. The 90Hz high refresh rate ensures that every swipe, scroll, and tap feels instantaneous.³

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