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  • Life is all about exploration

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    Exploring the world and yourself

    Every interaction with the world is an adventure

  • realme GT Master Edition

    Designed by Naoto Fukasawa

    Spark traveling memories at a glance

    Capture stories with street photography mode

  • Keep curious

    Keep exploring

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Exploration Start Now

Suitcase Design

Designed by Naoto Fukasawa

Exclusive Street Photography Mode

Snapshot and Stunning Color

64MP Street Photography Camera

with Ultra Wide & Macro Lens

32MP Sony Selfie Camera

AI Beauty

120Hz Samsung AMOLED Fullscreen

360Hz cảm ứng Sampling Rate*

Snapdragon 778G 5G Processor

6nm Advanced Process

65W SuperDart Charge

100% Charge in 33 Mins*

Extra 5GB Virtual RAM*

256GB Large Storage

Travelling has played an

important role in my life, allowing

me lớn learn the differences

existing in the world and what

real design is.

I wanted lớn design the phone for

all people. Especially for positive,

active and lively people.

Industrial Designer

Naoto Fukasawa

Voyager Grey

Suitcase Design

This is our boldest design for the fearless explorers. GT Master Edition is made of exquisite vegan leather, which is the first concave vegan leather in the industry, so sánh as lớn replicate the horizontal grid of the suitcase. The Voyager Grey color also gives you a comfortable feel due lớn its desaturated and neutral characteristics.

The eco-friendly vegan
leather is soft lượt thích baby skin.

The delicate signature of Naoto Fukasawa is made with a nano-level engraving process.

The concave horizontal
grid is comfortable lớn hold.

Spark traveling memories at a glance

The suitcase design reminds you of the feelings you experience when traveling. Feel the sturdiness from the design of the horizontal grid. Feel the comfort from the desaturated and neutral color of voyager grey. Feel the softness from the texture of vegan leather.

Luna White

Meet the Luna White. A rare 6-step ink printing process is adopted lớn replicate the purest white of the moonlight.

Cosmos Black

Black is the color as mysterious as the cosmos. Calm lượt thích the deepest side of the universe, but also elegant.

See the World through Your Phone
120Hz Samsung AMOLED Fullscreen

No screen can out-compete this one. It can present rich colors just the way you see them in real world and provide ultra-smooth scrolling in every frame. You would fall in love with it just with one look.

  • 5,000,000:1

    Contrast Ratio

  • 360Hz

    cảm ứng Sampling Rate*

  • 91.7%

    Screen-to-Body Ratio

  • DC Dimming

    Comfortable Display

  • In-display Fingerprint

    Fast & Safe

Unprecedented 6nm Process

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Snapdragon 778G 5G's CPU contains a Cortex-A78 prime core with 2.4 GHz clock tốc độ, increasing performance by 40%. The Adreno 642L GPU allows for 40% faster graphics rendering. Combined with the 6th-Gen AI engine with 12TOPS, its performance is beyond imagination.

Prime Core

Advanced Structure

GT Mode on
Peak Performance Unleashed

With just one tap and you’ll unleash the peak performance of your phone. Experience max processing speeds and Quick Start for games. Everything is ready just lớn provide you with the ultimate experience.

Vapor Chamber Cooling System

realme GT Master Edition is equipped with a large vapor chamber having an area of 1729.8mm², combining with a super large heatsink of an area of 13217mm², covering 100% of core heat sources. This significantly reduces the temperature and keeps the phone in a high-performance state.

65W SuperDart Charge, Keep the Power On

65W SuperDart Charge can charge your phone lớn 100% in 33 minutes. It also supports flash charging while playing games that your phone can charge lớn 38% in the one-hour play.

Tactile Engine, Feel the Shock

realme's Tactile Engine is developed based on a linear motor that is deeply adapted lớn all aspects of the system, giving you three-dimensional vibration feedback.

Street Photography

Capturing Every Fleeting Moment


The Trace of the Time

The Veins of the Story

Revealed by the 64MP Camera


Everyone is a Storyteller

Shot on realme GT Master Edition series with Street Photography Mode

Shot on realme GT Master Edition series with Street Photography Mode

Shot on realme GT Master Edition series with Street Photography Mode

Street photography
Tell the Story through Your Lens

Photography is the art of observing. How you compose the image is how you tell the story. For the first time, realme GT Master Edition has preset street photography mode on the điện thoại thông minh, including DIS Snapshot, Instant Focus and Quick Zoom functions with a phối of exclusive street photography filters. Quick and stunning, all in one mode.

Shot on realme GT Master Edition series with Street Photography Mode

Shot on realme GT Master Edition series with Street Photography Mode

realme Street
Photography Filters

Developed based on classic Kodak film effects after 1440 hours of scientific color experiment.

Shot on realme GT Master Edition series with Street Photography Mode

Exclusive Street Photography Mode

realme has worked with many professional street photographers lớn discuss how lớn create storytelling street photography that is rich in emotions. By studying the huge amount of street photography works around the world, we extracted the two characteristics of "fast" and "real", based on which we developed a professional street photography mode that can quickly capture and reduce the interference of algorithms.



Filter Effect

Fixed Focus


Fast Zoom


DIS Snapshot
Capture Every Moment Clearly

With DIS(dynamic image snapshot) technology, sharp photos can be taken even when shaking.

64MP Main Camera

119°Ultra-wide Lens

4cm Macro Lens

9248x6936 High Resolution

The 64MP main camera can take 9248x6936 high-resolution photos that can meet the requirements of outdoor ads and HD magazine covers.

Darkness is just a lack of algorithms

The strong built-in algorithms of realme GT Master Edition enable the camera system lớn work exceptionally well. You only need lớn press the shutter, and everything else will be immediately done by the multi-frame reconstruction algorithm that will automatically go through multiple processes, giving you the best nightscape photos.

Pro Nightscape Mode. realme's powerful algorithm allows you lớn customize the shutter time. With the ultra-long exposure time, coupled with the multi-frame reconstruction engine, you can easily shoot professional nightscape photos.

Dynamic Bokeh & Neon Portrait, a real eye-catcher. Attention! It's portrait time. realme's Dynamic Bokeh feature can turn the background into dynamic light trails. Neon Portrait feature can stimulate the effect of large aperture used in the movies.

Multi-functional NFC
Hassle-free Payment

Multi-functional NFC

With multi-functional NFC, you can enjoy a cardless lifestyle, your phone is now your door thẻ, ngân hàng thẻ, khách sạn thẻ etc.

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