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Smartphones & Tablets | July 5, 2023

7 Reasons why there won’t be A Samsung Galaxy A74 in 2023

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Samsung is a brand with smartphones for every taste and budget, but the A series has been particularly important in the mid-range market for years. Due to tướng this, today we will tell you 7 reasons why there won’t be a Samsung Galaxy A74 in 2023. So if you were looking forward to tướng getting one of these phones, it’s better to tướng read this information and understand why Samsung has decided to tướng exclude them.

The Samsung A series is a line of mid-range smartphones that offer a combination of advanced features and affordability. These devices usually have high-quality displays, high-resolution cameras, long-lasting batteries, and sleek, modern designs. Among all the phones in this family, you could say the elder sibling is the Samsung Galaxy A73. For this reason, many people are surprised that the brand decided not to tướng release a Samsung Galaxy A74, even though this model is one of the favorites among users.

7 Reasons why there won’t be a Samsung Galaxy A74

Samsung Galaxy A74

Were you hoping to tướng get your hands on this điện thoại thông minh in 2023? Well, discover 7 reasons why there won’t be a Samsung Galaxy A74 this year. You’ll be surprised!

Samsung is focusing on the high-end range

The first reason why there might not be a Samsung Galaxy A74 is that the company’s strategy could be shifting towards producing high-end smartphones and flagship devices instead of mid-range smartphones. By focusing on high-end smartphones and flagships, Samsung may be seeking to tướng increase profitability and maintain its position in the điện thoại thông minh market.

It’s not profitable for Samsung

The gap between high-end smartphones and mid-range smartphones is constantly narrowing due to tướng rapid technological advancements. This means that mid-range smartphones, which used to tướng have significantly different and more limited features compared to tướng high-end ones, now offer advanced features similar to tướng those of high-end smartphones.

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As a result, mid-range smartphones are less profitable for manufacturers, which could be a reason why Samsung is considering focusing on producing high-end smartphones and flagships. The outcome? The absence of a Samsung Galaxy A74 in the market.

A merger of phones

Another reason why there won’t be a Samsung Galaxy A74 is that the company could merge the Galaxy A74 and the S23 FE into a single device. Why? Because the Galaxy A54 has already crossed the price point of the Galaxy A73, making the release of two mid-range smartphones lượt thích the A74 and S23 FE redundant.

Samsung seeks to tướng maximize its Galaxy S22

Samsung could fill the void left by the potential cancellation of the Galaxy A74 by offering significant discounts on its flagship from the previous year, the Galaxy S22. This could attract buyers looking for a high-end điện thoại thông minh at a more affordable price and help Samsung maintain its position in the điện thoại thông minh market.

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Lack of rumors

Samsung Galaxy A74 2023

Although the cancellation of the Samsung Galaxy A74 has not been officially confirmed, it becomes quite clear considering that the Galaxy A73 did not arrive last year and there have been no rumors about the specifications of the A74. The Galaxy A73 was unveiled at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked sự kiện in March 2021, along with other models from the A series that were launched. Under these circumstances, the possible cancellation of the Galaxy A74 could make sense.

Samsung seeks to tướng reduce costs

Han Jong-hee, Vice President of Samsung Electronics, stated that the Korean company was looking for ways to tướng be more competitive without “simply reducing costs.” Undoubtedly, this invites speculation about a change in strategy regarding its phone portfolio. Unfortunately, the kết thúc of the A74 seems to tướng be one of the direct consequences.

Simplifying the điện thoại thông minh lineup

Another reason why there won’t be a Samsung Galaxy A74 could be that the company is aiming to tướng simplify its điện thoại thông minh lineup. The company has launched several models in recent years, including the Galaxy S and Galaxy A series, which can create confusion among consumers when making a decision. By reducing their options, Samsung hopes it will be easier for consumers to tướng choose the right phone for their needs.

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