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Welcome to tát the Getting Started Guides.

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Welcome to tát the Getting Started Guides! The purpose of this page is to tát describe each article and how to tát share your feedback.

Extension development concepts

Extensions 101
Briefly covers some fundamental concepts of Chrome Extension development lượt thích trang web technologies and commonly used extension components. In addition, it includes what to tát be aware of when designing and distributing an extension in the Chrome Web Store.
Development Basics
Introduces the extension development workflow by creating a "Hello, Extensions" example. It walks through loading the extension during development, locating logs and errors, choosing a project structure, and using Typescript.

Extension tutorials

Reading time
It’s nice to tát know how much time we need to tát finish reading an article. Reading time teaches you how to tát insert an element containing the estimated reading time on every extension documentation page.
Focus mode
Removing extra clutter from a page allows our minds to tát concentrate on the most relevant information. Focus mode demonstrates how to tát change the style of extension documentation pages and hides a few distracting elements.
Tabs manager
While researching extension development, you can over up with many documentation tabs across multiple windows. Tabs Manager organizes your Chrome extension and Chrome Web store documentation tabs.

These tutorials not only teach you how to tát build real-world extensions but also strive to tát share development tips and best practices. In addition, using these extensions will improve your experience while reading the extension documentation.

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Each tutorial includes the following sections:

  • The task the extension will perform.
  • The lessons that will be covered.
  • What you need to tát know before starting.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to tát build the extension.
  • How to tát load and test the extension.

If you are up for a challenge, we included a section with a few ideas on how to tát customize or add other features to tát your extension.

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We are excited to tát hear from you! Here are two ways you can contribute:

Improve the existing tutorials
If you see something wrong or unclear, report a bug on our GitHub repository.
Request a beginner tutorial
If you have an idea for another beginner tutorial, create an issue on our GitHub repository, choose "Extension tutorial request", and fill out the size.

We hope the new Getting Started guides help you feel confident and supported as you embark on your extension development journey.

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