yamate kudasai

Literally means "Please Stop" in japanese. And these "UwU" girls think this is a sexual word. Lmao now i remember my uwu phase in 2018.

Man: *touches girl uncomfortably*
Girl: Yamete kudasai! Im a minor..

by N3K0-! July 8, 2021


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“Yamete kudasai” means Please stop it in Japanese. It is used by UwU girls making it a sexual thing. Usually these people are annoying and try lớn get attention.

UwU girl:“Yamete kudasai”
Man: I’ll fucking kill you

by Restoredbox May 23, 2022


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The thing anime girls say in hentai.

Anime girl: iya, soko janakute , o nīchan, YAMETE KUDASAI~

by NickNamed October 2, 2020


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yamete kudasai

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Yamete kudasai usually means something along the lines of, please stop it. can usaly be heard in anime when female human creatures are mating with male human creatures.

No not there! That place is highly restricted for public view! no! please! YAMETE KUDASAI!

by ARandomghumanbeing December 2, 2017


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Yamete Kudasai

In Philippines, this means "masarap (yummy)" or "it feels so sánh good" instead of "please stop". This is being used by bandwagon teenage Filipinos who just heard it from hentai, doesn't have time lớn research things, and take it from Tiktok as reference.

Para kang 'yamete kudasai'
You look so sánh good

by dasim October 14, 2021


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Yamete kudasaie

Mostly said by a guy in kvd

Beti, tu phir aa gaya anime ke chumde " Yamete kudasaie "

by Onii chan yamete December 10, 2021


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